Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Still Here!!!!!!!

Long story, too long for here. But I am back, and plan to Stay back. I arranged to have help re-doing my defective blog, and when Angie looked at it, she inquired as to what was wrong with it! Evidently, it cured itself, so here we go again.

Wanted to let you know we have some very fun new papers in for the Christmas season. There are some from Best Creations that are all glittery and snowy and I Know you will like them. We still have some good embellishments and tons of darling papers. Jennifer just did a display of Christmas pages that are just plain Pretty. Remember the Flower Soft? We have some really cute samples up of gift tags that she made, and there are some for sale too, at 2 for $1.00. Have you tried Flower Soft yet? It is So easy to use and so fun.......colors are pretty and you can use it in your scrapbook pages as well as in cardmaking.

I am going to make this fairly brief tonight, as I have customers to take care of here in the store, and Ed and I are taking the two younger grandsons to a delightful Christmas concert in Rockford. It will have an English emphasis and sounds so nice. Glad the snow is supposed to hold off till way after we get home.

Hope you all have a safe and delightful weekend. Talk to you soon. Hugs from all of us here.............Linda

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great New School Papers

New Fabrics in Stock for Your Wee Ones

Debbie got in a line of Noah's Ark fabrics that will be great for the new nursery or for Grandma or Aunt Susie to create something special for that new wee one in the family. These are soft and lovely.......just right for the Noah theme and these photos don't do the line justice. Photos are good, but you have to see in person! Come see!

We Love Our New Products and You Will Too!

Little Yellow Bicycle always puts out a very fun line at Christmas time, and they did it again! There are delighful papers and embellishments, some of which are shown here, for your crafting projects. This small 6 x 6 album is going to be fun to create for someone special..........look closely and you will see the shape is like a gift box with a big bow on top! See the round paper? Love it.....covered with music. "Twould be fun to "play" the music and see what it is! :) This line is in traditional Christmas colors, with some soft blues thrown in, which is a good softener and transition to winter time also. The snowmen and reindeer are so cute and the whole line is worth looking at. Be sure to check out both will want two of everything you purchase!

This Countdown page kit is so fun. I bought one myself to use with my grandchildren in Ky. when we go there soon. Everything is planned out well and makes it a project you can do in a couple of hours with children or for yourself. We are finding old photos of the kids at Christmas time to put behind the doors, but you could use little notes about Christmas traditions, or a note on each page about where some tiny surprise is hidden to open for that day, etc. It is a lovely kit and for the price of ten dollars, you are getting your money's worth.......the stickers and papers are well done, colorful and just plain great! Hope you enjoy your kit as much as we will enjoy using ours!

The new cardmaking kits from Little Yellow Bicycle are super! Each kit provides everything and more that you need to create eight distinctive cards for the season and this one is no exception. It is a Fifteen dollar kit and you will finish up with eight great cards for the special people in your life. We have them in the school line too, I think. I know we are getting them in several lines from this co., so check it out. Great value and all the instructions are included, of course.

These two photos show a bit from the new tree line (cannot remember the name of it and since it is six o'clock on Sunday morning, I am not about to go look it up!) from Nikki Sivils. She is a relatively new designer to the scrapbooking world and will work in nicely with card makers too. Her choice of color is fun and designs are very whimsical. Her papers work will with those who love to cut out the panels for use in embellishing, and there is a great circular paper with each line. I have seen them used Extremely creatively recently, and have come to Love the circular papers! The other line we have in is the one with the Bees on oranges and blues and is very cute. Come see!

Fall is in Full Force in the Ben

Our new fall papers are going so quickly that some of these might be gone by the time you get in if you do not hurry! Angie has these arranged so you can see a bit of the back side also and you can see that they are some must haves. These are from the Paper Company and the whole line has foil or shimmer in the papers which make them Extra special! The one on the right is Gorgeous.........the apple is in foil and the rest is shimmer I believe........just wonderful. My favorite is the word paper on the the plaid on the back side and the words have foil worked into them and the whole effect is so special. Stickers below are great too........such subtle accents for your cardmaking or page layouts. When they are gone, they are gone, so do not wait. People have been buying them four or five pages at a time, sometimes of one paper, so I am not kidding, they are going quickly!

Debbie created this lovely placemat from some of our new fall fabric and everyone has been talking about it. See the napkin ring attached on the side? How clever! We have a variety of these glass plates in leaf shape, amongst others, that are lovely for your fall table, and the little mini pumpkins are such fun for a variety of decorating plans. You will find these up near the front of the store and there are lots more to choose from.

Remember that gorgeous fall paper line that I showed you above? Debbie used some of it here to create one of her Very Special Wine Box designs and you can do your own! We have a nice stock of the wine bottle boxes in the store right now and this is one of the favorite classes from the former Memories store. If you need to take a class, check with Sue and Deb and see if they can arrange one for you with your favorite papers.........this is a super gift for those special people in your life and you can fill with gourmet items, baby gifts, wedding shower or bridal gift, etc., depending upon which paper line you use. A must have!

Whooligans Galore!

We have the cutest papers for the halloween season. This line is the Hooligans line from Bo Bunny Press and is full of the funniest little critters who are trying to be scary, but don't quite make it. Very, very cute.

Little Yellow Bicycle put out a cute line too, and keep in mind that almost all the papers are double sided, and some of the "other sides" are actually Pretty, and can be used for scrapping heritage pages, etc. Check 'em out!

Here's a layout that Sue did to give you some ideas..................

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tues. at the Ben

Hello...........Had a busy day at the store and it was so fun watching Debbie put out Lots of new fabric in her dept. Come will be inspired to begin a project, I assure you!
Rowena has agreed to teach a class for us, so be watching the schedule for the end of Oct and early Nov. Hurray!!!
You listened when I said you needed to come see the new fall is remarkable the no. of papers and embellishments that went out the door today and made it so fun. Thanks for coming in and hope to see more of you soon.
Ed and I are going canoeing in the morning, if the weather holds. 'Twill be my first time this year here at home ( got in some great canoeing "up north") and we look forward to it. I have my own yellow canoe with gorgeous wicker trim and seat and love sitting in it out on the water. Hope the otter finds us and swims along beside us.....that is such fun!
Will see you soon in the store. There is so much new product coming in, we are having a ball getting it out for you and we thank you for coming............come again and bring friends. Hugs to all.........Linda

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Is Here!

I am about to head to bed, as the clock turns another day, but wanted to make mention that 38 years ago today I gave birth to my darling daughter, Mindy. It is still her birthday, for a few more minutes! I am such a sentimental slob! :)

The owls are hooting outside my window and I want to just go tuck them in. They need to learn to be quiet at this time of night.........any suggestions?

We spent the most fun day at the shop on Sat. I priced Scrapbooking things all day, in between helping people find SO much stuff and it was such a happy store! The new papers for halloween are too cute and we have LOTS of them, so please come buy some! Not quite sure how we got so many, but there is a ton to choose from. I think I mean a ton........I carried a Lot of it up front to price and that paper is Heavy! But the designs are precious ( coming from someone who dislikes the day), it Is cute! The new papers and accessories from Little Yellow Bicycle and Bo Bunny for Christmas are in too, and as usual, are the best. It was fun seeing things walking out the door as I priced them! Love it when that happens! Remember that these papers are nearly all double sided and you Must check out both sides........sometimes I just cannot decide which one to display, so have done every other one in some trays, where I put one side out and then the next paper in the same stack is turned the opposite side. So check will want it all!

Nikki Sivils papers are in, in the bee pattern and the tree patterns. very cute and kitchy. She is a fairly new designer to the scrapbooking world and is truly catching on. Love her mascot, Willie Bee. Cutest little dog.............

We had a Great all day and late night crop on Sat. and had a full house! There were some Darling pages created, and some gorgeous beading was a Very creative weekend at the Ben! Angie came in, in the middle of it, and did some photography and videos for us, so those will be posting soon. Watch for them.......they will show you some of our very fun new product.

It is now the next day and I truly need to head for some sleep, so will say goodnight. Had the three grandsons for the weekend and had lots of other things going on, including that crop, etc., so it was a Full weekend and sleep sounds nice. Try telling that to the owls! Hugs to you all.....Linda

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TV Ad today

Hi there! It is another gorgeous day, with a few clouds thrown in. I have a busy day today, which is always fun. Phone calls, computer work, etc this morning, a dear friend coming for a long chat and lunch, four hours working at the Ben, home to make a pot of corn chowder for Bible Study dinner tonight ( a soup and salad potluck; doesn't that sound like fun?) and then home to price things for a small garage sale I am throwing together for tomorrow and Fri.
Whew! But in the meantime.........have things to tell you............

We have gotten in some absolutely Stunning Fall papers! They are a Must See, trust me! The company is The Paper Company, and we have other great things for fall, but this line is just delightful, and I am sure it will come in handy for bulletin boards, cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc. Apples, pumpkins, shimmers, foil, and more ideas on the double sided papers that I am excited for you to see.

There is a wonderful new School line in also.....primary colors with computers, apples, school bus, school bldg, pencils, crayons, kidlike papers, etc. It is a very cute line and I like the bright colors. This is one that will go all year and you need to remember to check the back side of all our papers. Many of them have some backsides that are applicable for just about any theme, regardless of what is on the front!

Creating a recipe book for a Christmas gift, or a shower gift, etc? There is a new line of papers for that too and they are so good! Makes me want to do one of those books right away! The colors are varied and easy to use, and there are so many themes. We actually have about 35-36 cooking papers and some nice embellishments too......the most we have ever had in the memories section. Come see!

Today is TV day at the Ben. Be sure to watch your charter networks for our ad, which will be shot in the store today sometime. It will take a week or two to get it out on the air, but I know it will be well done, as we were Always happy with our Charter ads. Be sure to tell us when you see it.........we need to know it is working! :)

Got word yesterday that Maggie and Grace did a large order of Pioneer albums, which have Greatly improved in quality. It will be fun to bring in yet another line of good books for your projects and we will offer the page protectors for them also, of course. Speaking of page protectors, we are Well stocked for the time being. Some have been on back order for weeks, but they have all come in now, so if you have been waiting for some, stop in soon. I made sure we had some of those great boxes of the universal protectore from C-Line in boxes of 50. Great buy...........come get them!

Will say bye for now. Need to get a few small things done before my guest arrives. Hugs to each of you.

Oh, by the way, Congratulations to our dear Angie who does our photography for the store, and the videos. She became engaged a few days ago and we are all Very excited for her and for Al.! Congratulations Angela!!!!!! Ya Hoo!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Decor at Ben Franklin Crafts

Hello Memories Readers this is Angela . Just wanted to drop in and do a guest post for Linda.

Last week I came into the shop and took some photographs for Linda. Showing in the below pictures are some beautiful fall home decor pieces that I think you would love to have in your own home. So come check it out at the Delavan Ben Franklin Crafts

One of my personal favorites are the pretty birds.


Sneezing my way thru the day!

Hi! It is a sneezy day today. Sure am tired of hayfever! I am 66 and was diagnosed with this at age 2, so have had this nearly 65 years and I can't wait for the first hard freeze! Isn't that awful? I love the fall flowers and the gorgeous countryside, but get tired of people looking at me like I have a horrid cold and am going to give them something! If you see me at the Fair, I will be the one walking around with a handkerchief over my nose! :)

We had a Marvelous time last week up at Teal Lake in NW Wisconsin. In fact, was just thinking about what we were doing about this time a week ago today........canoeing out on the lake, going from island to island, watching loons ( one followed our canoe!) and eagles and osprey, etc. It was a blessing from the Lord, to be sure, and a week filled with memories to get us through the coming winter. Maybe we'll do a scrapbook!

There are so many great events coming at the Ben. Be sure to check out the website and get signed up for Grace's newsletter at She does a great job keeping us posted on what is going on in the store and believe me, there is a Lot to know about. One fun thing happening soon is the one million pillowcase program, where we will be sewing pillowcases for those who could sure use one, or need the comfort their own pillowcase can bring. Read all about it on the will be a wonderful program and we hope to fill our work tables with ladies cutting and sewing and ironing pillowcases. Check it out!

Am going to go in to the shop shortly, so will call this quits for now. Have just done a big Mrs. Grossman order and that will be fun. I am pleased at how the strips of stickers are selling.......they are becoming more and more popular. Hope you like what I chose! Am getting some new ones for Fall and Christmas, which is Always fun!. More soon...........blessings...........Linda

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mrs. Sew & Sew

This is such cute fabric! Everyone is loving the line,and Angie said today that it would make a great sewing machine cover! Would be cute to line sewing baskets too, or cover a lid for one. What ideas can You come up with for this darling line?


Max and Whiskers, by Basic Grey, has been a Darling line for all those Pet photos you are thinking about scrapping. Can be used for dogs And cats, and a lot of the 18 papers ( double sided makes for 36 papers!!!!!) are usable for Anything. They are just plain cute papers and do not have to be used for pets. Come see them while they last. The layout above is for you to copy if you wish, or design your own. Cute for cardmaking too..........get well for pets, happy new pet, etc.
Some more above of the Max and Whiskers line.

A-Ha! Now we are talking! These are just a few of our new Sizzix dies in the Back to School line and I think every one of them is adoreable. See the Kindergarten one? That is an alphabet, including those darling numbers, and the rd, nd, th and st that come in handy so often! LOVE the school bus. If you look below at the bottom of the photo, you will see another alphabet......Blackboard Blues. It is tiny letters, both upper and lower case in a Darling font. Come see what we have. The price is good for what you get and you will enjoy using them when you are scrapping those school pages or something for the teacher, etc.

Oh my, my favorites! I told you we have the entire line of Copics in, and here they are! Classes begin shortly in learning the basics in Copics and you will Love the colors, the quality, the ease in which they make your "coloring" just perfect. Start your collection soon and join in the delight of using the Best!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sizzix Fabric Cutter

We are Loving our new Westminster Cutting machine from Sizzix. It cuts SO many quilt shapes and sizes and the wonderful dies you see above, can be used to cut paper too, so are great for scrapbooking as well as quilting. Come see it work, or better yet, buy your own!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fair time papers/horses

Hi there! This will probably say it was posted on July 9th again ( have to get Angie to help me figure out how to change that!) but wanted you to see the wonderful horse and Fair papers and embellishments we have in stock at the Ben Franklin Craft store. I was so busy with daughter Mindy and the two kids at our house this week, that I forgot to post! So sorry...but am back on track right now! If you are doing pages for fair books, or plan to do photos while visiting the Walworth County Fair ( or others), be sure to come in and check out our offerings. I am mighty pleased with what we have......hope you will be too!
It is always fun to see what the manufacturers come up with and this year seems to be the best. Don't you love that pig in the stickers above? They are dimensional, which makes it even more fun. Kind of looks like "Wilbur", don't you think?
This is the second year of having this horse is sideways, but that doesn't matter. It is a gorgeous paper and the stickers go well with it. They will be wonderful for your photos of the horse showing and races...........

We try to keep 4-H things in stock. If there is something you are looking for, be sure to let us know. We try to get what you need, if possible! I want to see all those ribbons when you get them!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Classes in Quilting

I had such fun taking this class, and we will be starting up again in Sept. with the darling rag bag or quilt! Choose your own fabric designs and come join in the fun. Easy to do and you will want to make some for gifts!

Basic quilting gives you three different things to the shop for the info and get going!

The Civil War reproduction fabrics are delightful and people are finding all sorts of things to make with them. Come see the latest bolts just in!

We have Fabric! Ya Hoo!!

The fabric lines at the Ben are gorgeous. Saw some cards a lady was making last week, using the photos of the above fabric, and they were darling! Ever think about that? Fabric is useful for So many things......not Just quilt making! Tho that is pretty special too! Enjoy the following photos..and come in and see...............more arrive nearly weekly!

This is considered a Christmas line, but we all think it is useful for all Sorts of wonderful things. Love it, love have to come in and Touch!

I might get myself in trouble over this one........sometimes I do not know the correct names , etc. But I Think these are Batiks and all I know is that they are Very pretty and all the rage................

Or are these Batiks? You come look and decide for yourself! I did not follow Angie around while she was photographing, so am guessing, without knowing which shelf these were on. Regardless, they are Wonderful, bright colors and will make some gorgeous quilts, skirts, purses, etc! Enjoy!

Wedding and Travel..........

Remember last time when I showed you photos of some Best Creations papers? They were in blues and were beachy. Here is another collection ( some of them) from the Wedding group. Sparkly, crisp designs that would also be appropriate for anniversaries, formal parties, graduation, etc. Only the top paper shows something that would have to be wedding. The remainder will be appropriate for all the above listed things.......they are charming and of course, are double sided. You know, I am at home doing this, and now that I think of it, they might just be one sided. Please ignore me if I mispoke. Nevertheless, they are wonderful papers and you will truly enjoy using them. One of the nice features about this essentially black and white line, is that they can be used with any color scheme you might need for your photos. The top page shown, is the left side of a two page layout. The one on the right will have swirls that match up with the ones showing the bride and groom, but do not have figures on it, so once again, can be used for anything. Come see! :)
This is a very fun line ( part of it) from Little Yellow Bicycle, I think. Once again, this is Tues. and I have not been in the shop since Fri. So, regardless of who created these great designs,, they will be oh, so useful, for your travel photos. The bottom one is a map of the United States and is one of those great pages on which you can trace a trip, show where someone special lives, or just to have fun with in your own way. The middle one is suitcases and I can just see this one being used by cardmakers, doing "have a great trip" type cards............very fun. Of course, the airplanes would be great for little boys, trips, etc. We did not order the entire line or any of the embellishments, but there is more available and be sure to let us know if you need more!
What more needs to be said?? Chicago says it all! A very fun page on which to put your favorite Chicago photos. It would be a good one to use for the initial page in a Chicago album. The background, behind the light/street sign, is an overall photo of some of the city itself. We all need this one!
Hope you had a great weekend. We did! We left early Sat. morning and drove down to Peoria, arriving by 10:30, so we had the entire day.........and stayed till 7 last night ( Monday). It was a great visit and wonderful to have three days with family. My sister, Barb, and niece Kris, both live there with their families, but the subject of this excursion, was BENJAMIN, the little guy I have been gushing about for two months! Benjamin arrived three weeks ago tomorrow night, from Russia, to live with Kris and Gregg and their four daughters. What a Sweetie! Great Aunt Linda was quite taken with him and he seemed to think I was ok too. He is 22 months old and just a dolly. We will post a photo of him along the way. He is such a happy boy, and I am SO thankful they made the decision to rescue a child from an orphanage and bring him into their home.. What a wonderful time we had. Benjamin did not even know he was the center of attention the entire time, which made it even more fun!
Ok, off to finish up some long needed work. Have a blessed week. More photos arriving for them. Might even post some more now before I quit. See you in the store soon we hope. If you are reading this on Tues., remember it is free scrapbooking day in the Ben! Come on in! Linda

Linda's Picks

This is a very small part of a new line of papers by Best Creations. These are from the beachy collection.......great for water photos, surfboarding, Hawaii, etc. It is all glittery........all their papers are. Very cute line and some are double sided. We have more.......just showing a few here.
Ah ha!!! Linda has a thing for the new Bo Bunny Petal Pushers line! This grouping of papers and embellishements is just about the BEST! This photo and the one below are all from the same collection and I just cannot wait to begin doing Something with these papers and accessories. They are double sided ( see the pink on pink just's the back side of another wonderful paper and I love the back side as much as the front!) The paper that has blocks of colors and words, that can be cut out and used in a variety of ways, has a great back is divided into four 6 x 6 blocks of designs and would be great for a 6 x 6 album! Or.......just cut them out and use them on a larger page. Their designers really pushed my buttons with this line. Now you come see, and see what You can create! I have a paper pack for the best creation using this line. Bring your entries into the Ben and we will have a contest. Deadline is Aug. third. Let's see if anyone is reading this..................

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're At it Again!

Hi there! Angie came in to the Ben yesterday and took a Lot of photos, and between the two of us, we are going to get the Blog up and active again. I am excited about all the photos she will be too! Lots of fun new fabrics, new papers, kits, etc. and we will try to keep you updated on what is going on. Be sure to keep checking the blog..........I will be better about posting than I have been the past few months.! We might even throw in some videos along the way...

This month on Wednesdays, we have Kid's Day and this morning they did a sewing class with the students creating their own pillowcase. What a fun thing to do! After a lunch break, they did picture frames with Beth. That' s an easy but fun class to do. Even little ones can do it. Just accumulate some scraps of papers and buy a frame.......we can give you some ideas.

Sue has much listed on the website for classes for July, so check it out. It is at and you will find a Lot of classes scheduled, for adults as well as the kids. Good time to bring in visitors to the will keep them occupied!

Have a great rest of your week. Will have current news of our new little great nephew from Russia, soon. Have a trip planned to meet him. I will be an aunt with photos......just ask to see them! :)

Hugs to all.............Linda, Angie, the staff at the Ben, Ed, etc.! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is the cover of the journal you will make in Scarlett's Flower Journal class that begins next week. I did not want to show you the whole thing, but Sue has taken photos of it and we have them in the well as the original. This is one darling album and the flowers are So will love learning to make them! Hope you can join to sign up and we will get the list of supplies needed, to you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Stuff

Hello! Ooo, pretty color. Don't think I have used this one before. I was just reading my niece's blog and discoverd I can scoot right from hers to this one, so thought I would say hello and ask your forgiveness for not blogging much. My life has been so different lately......hard to even think of what to chat with you about.

So, am going to make a concerted effort to share new things with you all, a few "Did You Know?'s thrown in along the way, some photos, etc. If you read the e-mail tonight, you know that we put out a Gob of new Sizzix dies. Come see 'em.......they are great!

Had an unexpected blessing of those "this is the reason I am here" type of things. An old friend, and I do mean old, as Dave is probably in his eighties. In fact, I know he is. Anyway, Dave came in with the express idea of sharing a photo album with me. It was kind of funny. He said to me, " I thought I would show you what a photo album is supposed to look like". Well, let me tell was a gem! Dave used to be a professional photographer and in fact, I believe he did my senior class photos! Anyway, he had one photo......very large, on each page. No writing of any kind. Just photos.............huge ones. And they were gorgeous. Some from travels all over America, some of his beloved wife, who has been gone for years. Some of his darling daughter who died after a long fought battle with lung cancer, a girl whose lips never touched a cigarette and was the sweetest thing...........never should have happened. Photos of old family gatherings..............memories, sweet memories. And after we looked at them together and I had him tell me about each one, he got up and shuffled off, alone...........out the door, with the promise that there were more.

Be that encouragement to whomever you can, won't you? Someone, somewhere, needs you to listen to them, to look at their photos, to compliment them on Something.........give them a hug, let them know you are still glad to see them. Oh my, it made my day that he came in, knowing I would care. Thank you Lord, for that bit of friendship today, when I needed it so much. Thanks for letting me be his friend today...........

Love you all...............Linda

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bo Bunny wants to know!!!

Hey anyone working on entering the Flat Bunny contest? I certainly hope so.!!! If you have not gotten the directions for what it is you are to do, please contact me via e-mail and I will send you the info again. I believe it is one or two posts below this one ( can't see from where I am typing) is easy.........and the prize is enough product from Bo Bunny to provide a crop for ten.............that's a LOT of product, guys! Keep me posted........I sure would hate to see No one entering from our thousands of customers! Come on now.............let me know you are in on this! What a fun prize and what a cute little bunny!

Going to say bye for now.......Ed needs to use the computer and I am falling asleep. Talk to you soon...........hugs to each one...:Linda

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flat Bunny is Here!

Flat Bunny is here! If you want to have Bo Bunny host a crop for you and nine friends, go to and get your instructions for what to do. Customers will create an invitation featuring Bo Bunny products and then send the digital image of the invitation to The customer needs to send along a scanned image of our business card ( from Ben Franklin, and it has to be signed by a staffer) to verify that we are participating in the Flat Bunny travel adventure. Flat Bunny will choose her favorite invitation and schedule the Flat Bunny visit with the participating store ( that is US!) and the winner gets to invite 9 friends to join her in the crop. Flat Bunny will be bringing along materials for the whole crop!

The winning invitation, the designer and our shop will be featured on the Bo Bunny blog along with the submitted photos of Flat Bunny at the crop!

This is a Very fun contest and we are surely hoping some of you are hopping right to this. When you come in, you will find photos of Flat Bunny hiding in spots around our store, watching to see what papers you are choosing, etc. She has already had some very fun adventures and we look forward to watching more of them on her blog. Are you in? Don't miss out on this! Flat bunny is very cute and you will love getting to know her, if you can find her! Hugs.............Flat Bunny's friend, Linda

Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's part of the boy line for LYB Snugglebug. It is a buggy theme, but not so much that you don't think baby.They have put out a huge line of both pinks and blues and so many of the papers can be used for other themes.,.....the embellishments too! Sorry for the white background. We have brand new Bright lights in the store in the classroom area, that are perfect for sewing and scrapping, but not for photo taking! Will devise something different next time!

This is part of the LYB girl line that is called Snugglebug. So cute......GOBS of embellishements to go with the line and we are doing well with it. Meets every baby album need! Double sided of course!

Some of our lines for babies are so cute...makes me grin! This does not show up well on the white table, but at least you are getting to see a few of the baby specialty papers from Little Yellow Bicycle. There is a boy and a girl line, and many of the papers can be used for toddler or other themes altogether. Come see!

We have Wonderful Graduation papers and embellishments in the shop right now. Some will be great for invitations and some for scrapping pages for those albums. Let us help you pick our what you need, and give you ideas for finishing up albums, if you need it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bo Bunny Crop at Memories in the Ben!!!

Ok Friends! Head's Up! We need you to participate SOON! I will be sending an e-mail about this tomorrow, but for those of you up late tonight.........go to and read the instructions! Customers can create an invitation feathuring BoBunny products and send the digital image of the invitation to and there are more instructions, but the end result is that if your invitation is chosen, a Flat Bunny Bo Bunny crop will be held in OUR STORE! The winning designer gets to invite 9 friends to join her for the crop! Get designing ladies and gents.............this is Huge! Hurray! I am so excited for you. I just KNOW that one of our wonderful partners in crime is going to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's Try Again!

Guess I did not finish the last post! Not quite sure what happened, but was trying to tell you that we now have our remaining kits on sale for $29.00 and hope you can take advantage. We can ship, if that will help. Put photos on recently of some of what is in the kits, so you can see for yourself.

I have been BUSY putting out new product this week! My is pouring in! Received Max and Whiskers and Capella from Basic Grey. Max and Whiskers is a Darling pet line and the colors are vibrant. The interesting thing is that you can use Many of the papers for many other themes......not just doggy and kitty. Capella is in the softest of pastels...........people will be using this line for Heritage, wedding, graduation, little girl, Elegant, etc. It is a delight and if you liked the lines from last year, you will love this one.

Also put out papers today from Moxie, including faith based papers, Horse papers, and some DARLING cooking ones that will thrill all of you doing recipe books! Colors are pretty.......warm and inviting.....and the designs are adoreable!

Then, there is the box of ZOO stuff from Reminisce. It is Brand Spankin New and just adoreable. If you have field trips to the zoo, or plan on going this summer, stock up on this line. I got in the embellishments to go along and it is just plain cute. TIM HOLTZ dies and embossing folders from Sizzix! They are releasing a line of his each month and the things for May are in and on the walls.........come see! Some Very cute dies and I have already decided I need some of the embossing folders. They fit the Cuttlebug machine as well as the wonderful Technique Boutique embossing tool, for only $29.99. It is so cute in itself and works like a whiz. The dies are just all of you who used to come in the moment I got in the Cuttlebug brand new folders, come on in. You get a lot for your money and I think you will truly like these designs! Sue already used one today and gave it a thumbs up!

It is late............I need to try for sleep once again, so will close for now. I am expecting a Lot more new product this if you stop in and don't see me, look in the back room. I will likely be back there pricing things to put out! Come say hi......and see what's new. Time for a good chat.........I miss you! Hugs........Linda

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kits on SALE

Heritage Page for May

Beth has done some darling pages for her May Heritage class. This set uses the On the Boardwalk papers and embellishments from Graphic 45. There are two pages, but we only have one at home to photograph. Come in or call to sign up........they are adoreable!