Sunday, February 28, 2010

Overwhelmed by New Product! :)

Hello, hello dear friends! I have So much to tell you, but it is nearly midnight and I Have to get to bed. So, will let you know that I spent much of Fri. and most of Sat. pricing and putting out wonderful new products at the Ben! In addition to the Paperarts product, they got in boxes and boxes of wonderful yarns, so you must check that out too! I also saw a lot of beading product going out on the was delivery time on Fri.!!!

Let's see what I can remember at this late hour. I know that we got in about 50 delightful Bazzill colors ( didn't count just looked like at least that many) and many are brand new shades they have just come out with. They look so pretty on the trays and are right next to the Core Dinations line, which is full and ready for you to choose from. We also put out two complete lines of SEI which is brand new............glittery and glossy and just plain fun. One line is called Jocelyn and the other has a Birthday theme . Darling birthday papers.......good for boys Or girls. Cakes, cupcakes, gifts ( this one would be good for anniversaries, weddings, any gift giving pages or cards cause it is in a wonderful shade of green with I think some hints of blue?), and stripes and plaids and other papers to go the stickers and other embellishments for both lines. Brads as I remember. Both lines are wonderful and will be Big sellers.

It is more difficult to separate lines in the layout of the new store, so you will have to be certain to look for them, or look for me and I will show you where they are. Right now those two are on one of the long aisles in the Paperarts sections. We might find a way to lable things near the top of the walls. Be sure to remember that these new lines are all Double Sided and sometimes the other side is even better than the top side! Check 'em out!

the Cosmo Cricut line called Material Girl has a sewing theme ( part of it) and I have it placed very near the fabric dept. They even have a fabric that matches one of the for that! We are going to look into carrying the Cosmo fabic lines, if we can find them and like them. No promises..........just looking into it.

Lots of backorders came in.......glues and Cricut supplies ( pads and blades, etc.) but the 12 inch square cutting pads for Cricut are still on backorder, so if you are waiting, keep checking with us. I have 12 sets of them on order and know that won't be enough, but thought I would begin with that. Score tape arrived......ordering more next week! Zip dry is in stock right now, and Un-du. Have some trimmers this week, at least we did Sat.! It was funny; as I was putting things out, people were buying them right out of my hands on Fri.

If you don't see me and need my help, please ask if I am in the store. I am not there everyday, but at least three and sometimes four days, and would Love to see you and help you Sometimes I will be working in an office in the back, unpacking and pricing product, or working on ordering, or even designing some floral arrangements ( that is one of my jobs too!), so am not always out on the floor, but do not want to miss you. Don't forget that I am happy to have you call the house or my cell phone if you want to plan on having my help, or just to chat.

Ok, I am sure there is more to visit about, but this chick needs to head to bed! Much to do tomorrow ( boxes of stuff at home to sort thru and put away!) and I want to be fresh to do that. Hugs to you all.........hope to see you soon.

Don't forget about open cropping on Tues. from noon to five. We have several planning on coming in............come join in the fun and get some projects underway. Night..............Linda

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Can you tell life is a wee bit hectic for us? I forget to post! So sorry!!! It has been So busy at the Ben that I truly forget to post what is going on, but will surely try to do better! We have a full calendar of classes for the month of March, and for the end of Feb. too! Will try to get them listed for March tonight, for the Papercrafting, and you can check the website for the Ben for the rest of the depts. Maggie has put together a wonderful mix of classes and if you had nothing else to do, you could just live there and learn new things! :)

I ended up with a rotten sinus infection Thurs night, but it seems to be about gone and am So glad. I skipped church today........just slept in till nearly noon, and that seems to have helped. Hated to miss what Ed says was a remarkable sermon, but fortunately we can listen online, so I can "catch up". Got some floral arrangements done for the store this week.........that was fun to do again. Did you know that I worked over 20 years as a floral designer? I will not be teaching the floral design classes at the store.........two other ladies are doing that. I can do the floral, just cannot teach it. But it was fun to get back to working with my gorgeous flowers and pretending Spring is nearly here. Might even do some in my design room in the basement tomorrow!

Have you tried the Flower Soft yet? We are on our second order of the product in the shop, after being open only three weeks. It is a delightful product for card makers, tho can be used in scrapbooking pages too. I will have to find a new spot for it........the endcap where we are displaying it is not large enough to display all the colors they carry and we are selling it like it is candy! Try some.....and if you cannot figure out what to do with it, come find me and I will give you a verbal tutorial! Best thing is to go onto their website and watch for yourself. Delightful product.

Placed a large order for Bazzill tonight, and it should be in by midweek. The Core Dinations line is fully stocked once again, so you won't have to worry about finding cardstock anymore. We will have it fully stocked. Also have a number of the Copic Ciao markers back in............this week I imagine. Rhonda will be teaching several classes in using them, so watch for those. She gave me the list of what to order, basics I guess. They are the most remarkable marker to hit the craft world.....they last three times longer than any other marker on the market and I am amazed at how they blend and look so professional. Think this is one class I need to take.

I have already remembered several items I should have ordered. Can't believe how quickly we are selling out of things..........should not be surprised, with the numbers of people coming in. It is so fun to see how happy people are that they don't have to drive long distances to find the craft products they need. Just a joyful thing.................what a fun place to work!

I don't have the list of Feb classes with me, but think tomorrow morning is open in the classroom. If you want to come in and work on a project, just call the shop and check and you might have some hours you can get some projects finished. There is open cropping from noon to five on Tues. also..........

Must get some ironing done, so will close for now. Will try to do some class posting before I go to bed. Talk to you later..................Hugs from both Ed and myself. Linda.............

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amazing new Product in at the Ben

Hello! Forgot to tell you that the wool products that I mentioned ( I think) this past week, are IN STOCK at the Ben Franklin Craft store in Delavan. They are Beautiful and the display is lovely. Fat quarters of the hand dyed wool, displays of the items to be is just wonderful and you must come see when you have the time. This is going to be a special class each time it is taught!

Angie is busy creating some fun classes and we will announce them soon. Tomorrow I will get a list of what is coming up for classes and post them this spot! Have a great week, dear friends. And thank you for SO MANY of you coming in for our Grand Opening. My, it was so special to see you all........loved it! Night......................Linda and Ed too......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello! It is a late night again, but realized I have neglected you friends and need to remedy that immediately! It has been a joy to see so many of you in the new store and we are so happy you have not deserted us! Hope you are able to join in the fun on Sat. at the Grand Opening........tho I expect it will be a bit crowded! The event seems to be causing a stir in town and we are excited! Ribbon cutting is at 11:30 on the 13th and there will be prizes, snackies, etc. Come see us!

Be certain to go onto the new website for the Ben at and sign up for the website-only drawing for the weekend.

We received a delightful order from Reminisce today........gobs of sports papers and embellishments to match...........all new designs. I am happy to have them...was tired of last year's selection. Golf, swimming, vollyball, baseball, football, basketball, bowling, and some more. AND.......a great new collection for the out of doors.....camping, etc. It is lovely..........double sided of course. Love the smores one........graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows........makes me want s'more!

There is an overdone order of Petaloo also, that went up yesterday. My goodness.....I won't have to order those little scrapbooking flowers for months! Come make me wrong! We have them in every color and design, with jewels and without, etc. The walls and shelves are beginning to fill up.

Wanted to tell you about something that is coming soon......but not sure when. Some ladies were in today that thrilled Maggie and myself, and Deb too, with hand dyed wool and the creations they make from them are amazing. I can't wait till it is in the will knock your socks off. I predict the classes they will teach will be the hit of the store. GORGEOUS is the word for their designs and we will be carrying their kits, their wools, etc. and the classes are going to be remarkable. The one I want is the block of the month thing they do......don't know if it is called a quilt or a hanging or a throw. Whatever it is, it is Stunning and they would take no amount of money for it ( the original) is truly a work of art! Trust me, you are going to like their things and I will keep you posted as to when they are in store!

Heading to bed now. My back is pretty bad and need to get some rest. Much to do actually going to spend the morning at home, trying to sort thru a couple of boxes that have invaded the living room. Think I will begin would be nice to have one room looking normal in the next couple of weeks!

Hugs to you all..............Linda and Ed

Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Week!!!!!!

Hello Dear Friends!

We have had a week! Opened a the Ben on Monday morning at ten, and already we have decided we have to begin opening at 9 many are awaiting us in the parking lot way before opening. So, beginning Feb. 8th, we will open at 9 a.m. and look forward to another busy week. It has been amazing and I cannot recount the no. of people who have thanked us for opening a wonderful craft store in town. It is truly good for the entire county! I bet we save thousands of gallons of gasoline this year, with people not having to drive to Janesville for a spool of thread for their machine or for a zipper or art supplies! Amazing, truly! And we are experiencing at least a third of the people being men....which is neat. Lots of crafters are men and they, too, are delighted.

More product came in today in our dept. A big order of flowers from Petaloo for the scrappers and card makers. Have not even seen it yet, but know it is out there. I hope to get it displayed tomorrow, but if you need some, just come looking for me and I will find it. Got a HUGE shipment of Mrs. Grossman stickers too.......that will take a Long time to get out. Basic Grey is due to arrive soon........Cosmo Cricket has shipped and I hope to see it early next week.....will let you know when it hits the shelves. SEI and Sissix coming, Bo Bunny, and others. I bet it all hits just before our Grand Opening on Sat. I can just count on it. It used to be a lot easier when I had gals to help get out the I am the one who has to do it. Sue and Deb are so busy in the fabric dept that they can't get anywhere else! :)

We are still delighting in seeing you all as you come in to check us out. It is so good.....we miss you all and you are helping to keep me in smiles. Thank you!

Classes are beginning to hold........more will be planned. Do not forget to call and inquire as to whether or not there is room for scrapping in the classroom. If there are no classes and I have not totally taken over the tables with pricing product ( as I did today and tomorrow), you can come in and crop for a bit.

Need to head to be soon, so will say goodnight. Hugs to each of you. Linda and Ed

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hi......quick announcment.............we are having a basic cricut class tonight at the Ben, at 6 p.m. and we have to have four for the class to hold. Have room............wanna come?? Call the Ben at 262-728-3515 asap so we can know if we can hold the class. Thanks! More haste.........hugs, Linda