Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exciting personal news

Just had the most wonderful thing happen! I have been searching for my only girl cousin for over 15 years. Have lost track of her a Long time ago....she was married about two years after Ed and I were and has been living in England ever since. ( We are 10 mo. apart in age) Today, it occured to me she might have a facebook acct., so I tried her name in the search box, and there is her photo! Do you think there is a bit of joy in this house today??? I cannot tell you how thrilled I am and just had to share my good news. Now I have to wait for her to reply! It is after midnight in England. Of course, perhaps she won't be thrilled, but at least I know she is still alive and there.........Whee!
Sorry.......just had to tell you all were it! :) So, will try to calm down and go fix dinner.
By the way, I am so proud of my daughter, Julie ( Julia to most of you)......she is the director of the charitable foundation at Geneva National, and she and a whole lot of other people, hosted a wonderful event there today, which is the forerunner to their Big fundraiser tomorrow, the LEO, which raises a lot of funds for the Lakeland School, Inspiration Ministries, VIP Industries, and SMILES. It was a wonderful afternoon and we were so pleased to be there. A beautiful day, inspiring speeches from Gen. Ann Dunwoodie ( the first female four star general ), and David Ring, who is a man born 55 years ago with CP and sometime, ask me about his life, and a great ice cream was just a lovely day and Julie is doing a super job at her new job!
OK.......'nuff family stuff for you. Have a blessed week ahead and hope we see you in the shop. Linda

Hello Everybody!!

Good Sunday afternoon to you! This is Angela, I just wanted to drop in and tell you about the new widget to the right of your screen. If you like this blog and you want this widget you can put it on your blog so that you can get to Linda's blog easier. All you have to do is highlight the code in the text box below the picture by clicking inside the box or by hitting Control C to copy. And then go to your blogs layout section to add a new gadget to your sidebar...go to add html and paste this code (hitting Control V = Paste) and Wa La you now have a pretty widget on your blog to get to Linda's. If you have any questions please contact me via my blog and clicking on Email.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Samples of the Bottle Box

Oh my goodness, Debbie just brought in the samples of the Bottle Box for the classes she is teaching soon. I will have a photo of them soon, but for now,, wanted to remind you of the times she is teaching this darling class. They will be great for opening up and filling with kitchen things, baby gifts, bath items ( lotions, etc), a bottle of wine, you come up with your own ideas!
The classes will be taught from ten to twelve on July 10th and Aug. 1st, and at 6:30 on Aug. 25th. She is going to do one in fall papers and one for Christmas, but those won't be till the Fall schedule. Call to sign up.....they are darling. Fee is $18 and is all inclusive.......just bring your basic tool kit.
This rummage sale is a riot. It ends today at five, and then Monday I will be packing it all up. We have gone from 7 tables of stamps down to 3! Still lots of stuff left, however, so come on in!
We have a Cricut left, .........oh my goodness......I cannot start listing it all. Just come see and have fun!
An amazing amount of product is arriving on Wed. and some on Mon. Check that out too! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

AMAZING deals you have to see

The temperature is rising and it is HOT! HOT! HOT!.... well so are the deals in our store RUMMAGE sale so come in and shop in comfort for some AMAZING deals! the rummage sale ends Sat. so make sure to come in now while there is still stuff left because things are just flying out the door!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hotel Crop Reservations Begin Today

Hello Friends! Today is a Red Letter Day, for it is the day we begin taking reservations in the shop for our "hotel crop" which we hold twice a year, at the wonderful Delavan Lake Resort. We still have some room for our crop which will be Nov. 13-15. You can call the shop for info as to pricing, "what you get", etc. It is a fun weekend and we would love to have you join us, so call soon and find out what all the fuss is about! We have some special things planned and don't want you to miss out.
Angie C. and I are going to spend time with my web person this afternoon, so I can learn more about how to get things onto my website, etc. Angie is going to sit here and watch and see if I am getting it , so that when he is gone, I can call her and say, "now how do I do that?" Slowly but surely, I am catching up with the world of technology! Have a good day today.....more later.

Amazing new tool, Amazing offer!

The Epic is the newest tabletop die-cutting system from QuicKutz. It surpasses the size and scope of every die-cutting tool QuicKutz has released before, and beats all competing tools in both quality and performance.
The Epic comes with everything you need to cut and emboss all QuicKutz dies as well as all other leading brand dies, making it the most versatile and truly epic die-cutting tool yet.
Suggested Retail Price for the Epic 6 will be $89.99
Preorder your epic tool before the end of August and receive an instant rebate of $20. You can also participate in a mail in rebate offer valued at over $20. Talk to your favorite QK retailer (that would be me) today to find out how you can make the most of this amazing offer!
Key Features of the Epic
*cuts and embosses
*Compatible with all QuicKutz and other leading brand dies
* Six-inch wide opening
* Ideal for scrapbooking, card making, home decor and other craft projects
*Warrenty-Lifetime service commitment
* High quality metal parts
*Light weight and portable

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Monday and here at Memories that means... Make and Take Monday

This is what we are making today Monday 6/22/09
If you are in the area make sure to stop in between 10-2 to make this great make and take for FREE. Just click on the video to see this GREAT project.


Monday Make and Takes

Oh What Fun it is in here this morning! I keep forgetting to tell you that on Mondays, we do make and takes from 10 to 2 and you are all welcome! Sometimes they are free, and sometimes we charge a small fee , depending upon which item Rhonda is designing. Hope you can join us. Today it is a darling note pad on an acrylic stand. If you go to Rowena's blog, you can see a video or photo of it ( or both). Her blog is This is one you will want to sign onto on a regular basis. She is incredibly creative and it is one of my favorites. She is doing a video of the make and take right now, so that is why I am telling you, in case you have time to see this and get in yet today! Have a blessed day! Linda

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Summer

Well, tomorrow is the first day of summer, tho today feels like it! It is pleasant in here in the shop, croppers busy creating pages and I have spent the afternoon trying to order cardstock. Sounds fun, huh? Be sure to tell us if you need certain colors; we do our best to get the ones you need. At least two weeks notice would be nice, however.
A Head's Up: the Prima all day event is nearing quickly and we have four spots left for the whole day and about 8 left for the first class. Be sure to call the shop for info and get signed up, as it promises to be a wonderful day with Tina, the Primadonna. We are All looking forward to what she will teach us and the Giveaways! Love those Giveaways Tina!
New on the shelves this week: travel papers and embellishments from Little Yellow Bicycle, and I just looked at them..........ohmygoodness, they are Darling! Ed is going to love the one with the bicycles on the back! New ribbons from May Arts are out today, and are scrumptious. Love the Parrot one......bright, beachy colors..........mmmm! And, horse papers and delightful chipboard accents are in......very cute for the horsey pages and remember, the county fair is nearly here!
Need to finish pricing things so you can see them on the walls and shelves. Remember that we are clearing out the American Craft papers at 50% as the new ones are shipping this week, along with a whole new rack of Summer Ribbons, ( too cute), Thickers, stamps, mini albums, and the list goes on.
See you at the Rummage Sale beginning Thurs. at 9 a.m. We already have a Bunch of stuff that is here and ready to put out this next week in preparation for Thursday's sale. Sale goes thru Sat. at five, tho I think the first day will be a zinger from the looks of it. Still room for your goodies, if you need to get rid of some.
Have a blessed weekend and hope Father's Day is special for you, even if your Dad is no longer with you. Hold memories close to your heart, and make some good ones, if the ones you have are not the best. Memories are a treasure and we can reach out to others with them in a way we least expect. Hug someone and let them know how special they are to you. YOU are more special to me than you can know. Linda

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thanks Angie!

She is doing it again! One way or another, Angie is going to make sure I know how to do this blog stuff and today we entered a link to a project called the "3/50" project. When you have time, Please sit down with a favorite beverage or snack and read about it. It is SO important to me, and you will understand when you read it. Together, we Can make a difference in keeping our mom and pop, brick and mortar stores Open and thriving, even in the world we find ourselves living in. American Enterprise is part of our foundation and I appreciate each one of you who takes the time and effort to keep us going! Bless you!
In addition to our 3/50 Project link, we added a link to one of my favorite companies, Melissa Frances. They have a new blog, and when I spoke with Melissa last night, she told me she would love to have me link to her blog, so you all can see what their designers are doing. A great will be inspired!
We have a crop going on today ( a group from Beloit came in to crop) and since Ed is closing up the garage sale, I am able to "get things done" here in the shop. Hurray! A good day! Blessings to each of you....Linda

Friday, June 12, 2009

Upcoming Classes and New Product

Jennifer is a whiz at these darling layouts. This one is her Father's class, using fun, fun Bo Bunny papers. Call the shop to sign up!

Angie's Unlock Your Block classes are always a hit, and this set with the dog theme is no exception. You'll use our cricut and can customize your pages to suit your pet.

Jennifer is beginning to work on the Heritage Recipe class she is teaching in Aug. Here is the cover.........Love the design she is using. Start choosing which family recipes you are going to want to use.......this will be a very special class.

Tried the new Slice yet? One more in the long list of cutting tools to keep our minds and hands busy!

Card Classes

Debbie's Quickutz card class is so cute this month. You can change the soccer ball to another sport ( can't remember which one), change the no. of course, and the card does not have to say Happy Birthday. These five custom cards for $12 are a good will love making them!

This is the gift card, card and uses the cloud die. Cute, huh? It can be made in different colors,, of course, and you can use a different word other than congratulations.

Of course, with this card, initials and colors for Any school will be used..whatever works!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello on this chilly, misty, moisty day! Wanted to let you know that there is now a little thingy to click on, on the right hand side of the blog, that says Delavan events, or something like that. If you click there, it will show you the schedule for FREE concerts in the park, in Phoenix Park in Delavan. It is located on Second and Washington streets, about a block from our shop. This is a dream come true for many of us in town, to have that lovely park be used as it was so many years ago, for social events and musical events. A couple of years ago, the city built a band shelter ( which I call the Norwegian house, due to the appearance of it) and this summer, there are 65 concerts ( all FREE) scheduled! Isn't that neat?!!! They range from Christian music to bluegrass, patriotic, rock, country, jazz, you name it. Please check the schedules and enjoy a pleasant time of listening, eating, ( bring your own) , socializing. What a fun way to spend an evening. You can bring your favorite yard chairs or spread out a blanket on the grass, and just enjoy!

One more thing, wanted to let you know that Debbie has more Quickutz card classes scheduled for this month. She is teaching the 9th, 16th and 23rd at 6:30 p.m. The cards are on display in the shop and the class includes four darling cards plus gift card holder. I will try to get a photo up for you on the blog, by sometime Monday. All you need to bring is some adhesive........we supply the rest. They really are adoreable and a great value for $12.00.
Heading to work on a friend's album. I've only had her project since July. Time to finish up, wouldn't you say! Yes, Linda does know how to scrapbook. :) Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eye Candy**

Dear Angie spent the afternoon with me today, adding photos to the blog and showing me what to do. Not sure my mind is wrapping around this blog thing, but sure like the way it looks. Thanks Angie!! We have so much more to show you and to say. I hope this will help keep the e-mails a bit more brief ( don't count on it) Between Rowena and Angie, we will get this done!

It has been a "week" and I am looking forward to the days ahead. The website needs a lot of work, but don't give up on it. Soon it will be the way we want it and you will find it really helpful to find classes, etc.

Have a great rest of your week , and stay tuned for a chance to win some prizes, once we figure out how to do it! :)

Here is Angie's Grad album in all it's silvery glory. It is So pretty. The time scheduled for teaching the class is actually over, but she is willing to teach it at your convenience ( and hers), so please just call us to ask about a time. It is in silver foils and black and white and shows off the photos so nicely. I love being around all these creative people!
Rhonda is teaching a glass etching class and all you have to bring is a pair of rubber gloves! What fun to do a set of plates for yourself or a gift, or do goblets for a favor at a special party, etc. It is all the rage; sign up for a class soon.
ZING! the newest embossing powders to hit the shelves and we have them all. The bloggers are telling me they are terrific to work with and we hope you will come try some out! We have them in neon, traditional, metallic, glitter and clear. The colors are dynamite...hope you have fun with them!
Have you seen the new gift sets from Quickutz? Each one is absolutely darling and it would be hard to choose. Each set includes an entire font, 15-20 die shapes in the particular theme, a full size tote bag and a code to send in for their contest they are holding ( giving away a trip for two to Hawaii and $500 in dies). By the way, when you purchase a set from us, be sure to ask us to give you an extra code, with each set. The sets are retailing for $89.99 ( they have a $300 retail value) and we are selling them at 10% off. Get them while they are here. The company is totally sold out.
Did you know that we carry custom papers for some of our local schools? In fact, we can do custom papers for just about any subject. All you have to do is ask. They are easy to design, and Sue and Rowena are planning on doing some designs of their own in the months ahead. Be sure to watch for them!

Love, Love these new papers from Pinecone Press. Jennifer and I think it is the cutest and we love the Spring/summer look of it. Great for lots of things.....picnics, backyard parties, kid's pages, trips,etc. And Angela discovered that when you add buttons and flowers, it gets even better!
We get so excited when new product comes in. This line from Cosmo Cricket, called Early Bird, is So cute and fresh. Kind of a 40's feel, with a kitchen look. Great for heritage, funky, recipe books, etc. The cherries are great for Door County trips!