Friday, January 29, 2010

MINDY is here! She just flew in from Texas to surprise me! Isn't that the most wonderful thing? To have both our daughters with us at this time is just a miracle! Thank you Lord!
Sue just texted me that FLOWER SOFT is going up on the wall as I type! Hurray! At the Ben I mean. It will be so fun to have that, and if you have not used it nor seen it used, come in for a demo. It is a delight and as soon as I learn to use it, I will be available to demo it for you. We have a video of it too, for your viewing delight, to see what to do with all the lovely colors. Cardmakers will be roaring in for this, I know!

We are in the throes of emptying the shop.......what a mess! Need to get back at it...........have volunteers here and don't want to waste a moment of their precious time! Blessings.............Linda and Ed

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello there! Today was not a difficult day..I think everyone thought I would be crying all day, but nope! The longer you know me, the more you will realize I am a trooper in the midst of tough times. It was a busy day and the only tears came when I had to leave the shop tonight and Ed and I looked at each other and kissed and hugged, as I left for Bible study and he remained to close down the shop. It has been a special place for both of us. Many to love and care for, many memories through the years, times of joy and sorrow, times of wonderful people coming to grow their faith in the Lord, times of frustration and creativity and growing all has been wonderful. I can never say thank you enough to the literally Thousands of dear ones who have come through the doors of first, A Gift From the Heart, and now, through the doors of Memories From the Heart. It is no longer ours, but now is transfering to dear friends Maggie and Greg, who will allow us to continue to serve you through the doors to a new adventure in Their very own shop at the Ben Franklin Craft store, next week. We are so blessed, to have the opportunity to continue sharing with all of you in a new venture, but not to have the full responsibility. It is a gift from God to us, and to Maggie and Greg to be meeting and caring about all of you. They will love you too.............give them a chance. Be just as loyal to them as you have to us. This is so have this small town caring. We are proud to be a part of it and we want so much for you to come along with us.

You are loved..............thank you. Remember, we are always here from you and I will continue to post on here and on Facebook. Not quittin' yet friends! Hugs to each one..........Linda and Ed

Old, old, old fireplace for sale!!!

Contact Linda or Ed. We loved you can love it too!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Emotions run high in Siert home

Hi there! I asked Ed tonight if he thinks we are doing the right thing by closing this precious little shop. Of course, he immediately said yes! We are following the plan God has laid out for us. My heart is breaking, which is Wrong..........I DO rejoice that God loves us so much that He has given us this opportunity to be relieved of the responsibility of owning a business. It is the perfect plan, and I am truly greatful. But I am going to Miss you all so very much and you just have to Promise to come see us at the Ben! People keep saying , "but it won't be the same". No, it won't, but our friendships will be the same and I will care about each of you just the same and be concerned....send you e-mails and phone can come crop with me at my house ( if I Ever get all the boxes out of looks like we just moved in!!) will still be fun and I can still encourage you................AND, you will have a Whole Lot of NEW craft products to learn about and enjoy!!! I see all sorts of things I would like to do in there.......might take a few classes myself, if I have time!

Keep on holding good thoughts for us........and make plans to spend time in the Ben. They do not have much time scheduled for scrappping as of yet, but if you want to come in to scrapbook, just make your wishes known to the managers. The entire staff is there for You and you will be pleasantly surprised at the reception you will be given when you come see us. It will be a wondrous thing for Delavan, and the surrounding areas, to have such a friendly, delightful craft shop to explore, and I do so want you to love it.

A reminder that we are still hosting the Delavan Lake Resort hotel crops and our next one is April 9-11th. Come help us celebrate Ed's and my 44 th anniversary that weekend and enjoy three days of delightful cropping and eating and make and takes and fellowship, etc..........We have room for about 10 more people and we look forward to the entire time. Already Jennifer and I have been planning things to make and do......come join in with us!

Well, it is once again late and I should try to rest. Hugs to you dear, dear friends. Remember, we have two more days that Memories is open and it is still all at least 40% off. Bring friends and family and make it less for me to pack up on Thurs. thru Sat.! See you soon we hope.............Wed. Ed has a surprise for you. Hugs...........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HUGE Markdowns at Memories

Hi there! Wanted you to know that Sue is busy marking down STUFF as fast as she can. It is still 40% off storewide, but we have literally a ton of stuff marked as much 80-90 % off! She is marking as fast as she can friends.........come see! And today, Ed and a dear friend of ours hauled so much stuff to our house, from the upstairs storage spot, it scares me. Did you know I was a florist by trade? I am going to manage the floral dept at the Ben, along with the scrapbooking, and am going to be designing floral arrangements to sell there, with the flowers in the store, as well as the thousands we hauled to our basement! It looks like a floral shop in my design studio in the house............but not sure we can walk thru the dozens of boxes to get to it! :) Oh my, what have I done? Oh will all sort out in the wash.

They are working so hard at the Ben, putting out product, etc. The shelving is up and the product is going up is exciting! Will keep you posted, but wanted you to know that we have SHELVES and bulletin boards and an antique fake fireplace and racks and some small tables, and all sorts of things that we have brought out for sale...........and we HAVE to get rid of these! The plastic paper trays are going to the store, so don't worry about those. But there is a lot more storage things that we brought down today.........if you need bookshelves,..come a runnin'!

Must go home now.......ironing to do and other important things, so I can be back here for you tomorrow. Have a good evening. Hugs.......Linda

Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helloooooooooo! It is nearing the end of the final two day crop inside the confines of the original Memories From the Heart. Oooo, that is hard to say. We have had such fun. We have gone from 6 to 12 people at various times, and that is hard to do, with the mess of the sale going on at the same time. But it seems to have made it even more fun and the ladies are cropping away fast and furiously. The little Hispanic girls from the neighborhood have been here a lot....last night and this afternoon and are still here, making pages and having the best time. They are so well behaved and cause no problems.....just love coming in and we love them. In fact, Ed had us both in tears last night as he told the little girls that sometime they might pass us on the street and as they are growing so quickly, we might not recognize them and asked them to please tell us who they are, if we are not sure. We were both teary eyed and I downright cried at the thought of not seeing them. They have been coming in since we moved into this store in April of 2007. They are precious.

It was a Busy day and Sue and I are thinking we might stay open late each night next week, if I have someone to help me out. I know some of you who work all day, are having to wait till Saturdays to come shop and take advantage of the amazing bargains at 40% and more, in here, so if it would help you out, we are going to stay open till 7:30 each night thru Fri. I know it is an odd time, but we thought 8 was too late for us and 7:30 might not rush you so much. So, hope this helps........we are trying to be here for YOU! :)

The new Cosmo Cricket is on order and should be in stock by the time we open on Feb 1st at the Ben. Have you looked at it yet? You can see it if you check out their blog on this blog. It is Darling and I can't wait to get it in my hands. The new Bo Bunny is out too, and adoreable......all the new lines are going to be delightful and I am excited to see them.

The new store is BUSY putting out the product. Pray for them...........there is an amazing amount to do to get open, just like there is an amazing amount to do here. So, guess we could both use prayers!

Ok, I am not getting the bills paid that I need to do while it is fairly quiet, so need to get at that. Hugs to each of you. Your encouragement is overwhelming and we continue to be so thankful for each one of you. Your kind comments have been lovely. It's kind of like getting to go to my own funeral, hearing all the nice things you say. I don't mean to be funny in saying is just the way it is. Bless you.

Night.....,have a great day in the Lord tomorrow. Linda and Ed ( we had brownies today! Whoopee!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sale Continues at Memories

Hello Friends! Many thanks to Angie Christenson for helping me get the word out on Sat. about the extent of the moving sale. My computer is under the weather and she was able to go onto my blog and facebook sites and post for me. We had a very busy day on Sat. It was quite amazing, really, and we are appreciative. Hope it continues........I truly do not want to be left with bunches of things to try to dispose of and do not want to burden Maggie with it in the new store.

Speaking of the new Ben Franklin Craft Store.....we are opening on Feb. 1st, so mark your calendars. It is really coming along; fixtures are going up and boxes and boxes of product have already arrived, along with an entire truckload ( or two) arriving on Monday! There will be busy bees in there, cutting open boxes, pricing, deciding where everything goes! We have ordered some wonderful product for the scrapbooking lines ( I am certain that applies to the entire store, but my dept is just the scrapbooking........enuf to handle!) and cannot wait to see it all. The reps have been calling with info about new lines to be released in the next couple of weeks and much of it is on order, with more to come. Do not be dismayed if you find some empty paper trays or blank spots on the walls when we open.............we are not able to receive it all till it is all ready to ship. We want to have the best of the best of the NEW product lines for you, so have to be at their mercy when it will be shipping............

Hope you can join us for the continuing sale. It is VERY exciting! It is helping us to pay some vendor bills and that is pretty important to Ed and myself. And what fun to be ordering the brand new, just for YOU, the best customers/friends anyone could ever ask for. We are so blessed by you all and I pray you will continue to visit us and be regulars in Maggie's store on the east side of Delavan. It will have so many things in it that will bring joy to your family members, as you learn new crafts and have the products available that you have had to spend money driving to Janesville and Milwaukee to get! This new store is Wonderful for Delavan and the surrounding towns....we are thrilled.

I will post my cell phone and home phone in future e-mails, so you may feel free to call me if you want to be sure I will be at the store to help you find new supplies, to help plan invitations, pages, create albums, etc. I will be teaching, as will the rest of the staff, and we are counting on you to join us in all the fun there!

Heading to bed now.........more soon. Come see us as you have time. Good night dear ones.......see you soon. Hugs to each.....Linda and Ed too............

Saturday, January 9, 2010



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh My Have to see Rhonda's new class called Games People Play. She just brought in the samples and they are DARLING. Going to get Angie here when she has time, to video the is a really fun class. Can't wait for you to see the designs. Tic tac toe, Farkle, Snakes and ladders and Checkers are the four games for kids in the car. Cute, cute, cute!

My sis and her brother in law are going home early to have fun with them. See you soon I hope.............Linda

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cosmo Cricket blog

OK........just watched the Cosmo Cricket blog for've gotta see it! What a hoot! some cute layouts, to be sure, but their video of the whole crew dancing to a Wii thing is just to be seen. Check it out..........right hand side of our blog! This is the crew that creates our favorite paper!

Bingo Winner

Nearly forgot to let you know we have a winner in the Bingo game we played before Christmas! Kim Bogard won a WE R Memory Keepers 3 ring album in the drawing of those who played the game. Everyone who participated won a prize of product, but Kim was the big winner, and chose one in Buttercup. They are my favorite album right now............we have one or two still in stock, and will be carrying them in the new store too. Congratulations, Kim!

Snow Day on Thurs has room for a few more croppers. Call to sign up.....see you there! Hugs.......Linda

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year!
Forgot to tell you there is a SNOW DAY CROP scheduled for Thursday, Jan.7th from 8 to 6. Join us for 10 hours of cropping, coffee and rolls upon arrival, lunch from Panera, and some surprises along the way, for $12.00 Call the shop for reservation..........cannot take too many due to space limitations, so don't wait!