Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kid's Kits at the Ben

Wanted you to be sure to see the kid's kits that Sue has gotten in at the Ben, that make great birthday party gifts as well as things your own children and grandchildren can use to learn latchook, needlepoint, crosstitch, bracelet making, knitting, etc. They are all so cute and there are more coming in all the time. Check out the video and then come in to pick out what you want for Your kids! See you!

Christmas sale at the Ben

There are still some Christmas items on sale at the Ben Franklin, and this video will show you just a few. Hope you can get in and take advantage of them before they are gone!

Cricut Classes

Just wanted to remind you to sign up for Cricut classes at the Ben, with Sue. First one is next Sat. the 22nd from 10 to noon. Will post the time for the other one shortly. Am on my way to work and don't have time to look it up. Think it is the 31st but don't remember the time right now. Best instruction class around for using your Cricut machine. Call the store to sign up........262-728-3515. You will not be sorry!

We have some new videos ready to go and will download ( or is it upload?) them tonight when I get will see new product. More Christmas things on sale.....hurry in. Some are marked down to 50% OFF and some are 30%. Don't miss out. Just marked down a bunch of fabric paint tubes...........check the clearance section. Good time to get your kids going on painting on fabric!

Hope you are all having a lovely day. Started mine with up Very early so Ed could get to a men's breakfast in Lake Geneva by 7 ( ugh!), went over to do something at the Ben at 8:30, took a walk in the snow with a dear neighbor at 9, chiropractor at 10, and have been working on the retreat ever since. Time to dress for work and get going. Hugs to each of with you soon. Linda

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Days in a Row?

Hello there! Can you believe I am back again? Am busy disrobing the Christmas tree today. Wishing to be working on scrapbooking things, but need to keep an order to my life. I work from 4 to 7 today, so need to get the ornament thing done before I go in to work, if I can get it done. Think I will do another video for you, to show you something new. Perhaps some fabric? We'll see.

Would love to hear from you and find out what craft you are working on just now. Also, is there a craft line you wish we had available in the Ben? Let us know. We can't always meet your needs, but we sure try! Give us a call or e-mail me and let me know if you are looking for something special. A former Memories customer just did that this week and it was fun to hear from her, and be able to fill her order for her! We'd love to help you too.

Going to head back to the tree project, so will say bye for today. Check back for a new video in the next day or so. We will keep working on getting the hang of this! Hugs........Linda

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quilt of the Month square ( themed)

I feel badly........we promised not to get any of the quilters on the video except Sue, the teacher, and ended up with some at a distance. Sorry about that! We will work harder at that next time. Be sure to check the website for the next class selections for the Spring Quilt patch. Isn't this one Cute? Thanks Sue, for doing this for the Ben Franklin Crafts in Delavan!

This is not working right!

How's that for a negative lead in? I am frustrated beyond belief, as I am Trying to get this blog up and going again. Angie has re-done it temporarily, till we have time to do a whole new look ( bye bye birdies!) but I cannot get the video to post that Ed and I shot on Monday in the store! So sorry..............we are Trying! I have spent Hours trying to post it and it just won't.

It was a cute video. Angie says I might have to rely upon youtube, which I do not want to do, but might be the only way to get videos to post here. Got a wonderful flip camera from Ed for Christmas........with the idea that we can do a couple videos of new product in the store each week and show them to you.......perhaps some tutorials, etc. So, have patience, we will keep trying!

In the meantime, we Do have some fun, very fun, snowman and snowy type scrapbooking papers ( for card making too) in the store and they are stunning! Be sure to check them out!

The quilt square ( themed) of the month is underway in classtime, and we have a video of that too. Might try posting is shorter. Perhaps that is the problem. Sue Knudtson teaches that class and it is darling. This month they are doing a Valentine wall hanging rag quilt and it is so cute.......each lady chooses her own fabric and they would be so nice to hang on the wall, or I would put mine ( were I making one!! :) ) in the center of my old oak kitchen table. The class for Feb., which is the next one you can take, is going to be a Spring look. Be sure to come in within the next week and check out the sample.

Remember, you can go onto the website and check class schedules. is the site......bookmark that and make it easy on yourself.

I am hoping beyond hope to keep this going in a timely fashion so I don't lose everyone who had signed up to follow the blog! Have faith..........

Love to each of you.......Linda and Ed too........