Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Forgot something Important!

Knew I was forgetting something important! Last week, Cosmo Cricket sent us ( retailers) a viewing of the BRAND NEW LINE called Nutmeg! Now, today, they have released it to the world. I ordered it last week, but YOU have a chance to win the entire line! Click onto the Cosmo Cricket blog on the right side of ours, ( I do it daily, for spectacular ideas) and you can see the line and enter to win! And if you mention our shop as your favorite, we might win some product here at Memories From the Heart too! Thanks!

Winner on blog

Drew a winner for the blog drawing.............Kris won this time...Sorry I never got the photo on the blog. It contains papers, ribbons, a storage box, bling, brads, etc., etc. I was putting a momagenda in the pile, which is a $40 value, but I happen to know Kris uses her phone to keep track of everything, so I will substitute for something else. It is over an $80 value, haven't had time to figure it out yet. Congratulations Kris! :)

We have had one busy day in the shop........scrappers here all day and has been fun! Debbie's bottle box class is running a close second to the beginning cricut class in popularity and have been signing people up all day. I think Angie, you need to take a photo of it and then Everyone will want to take the class, when you post it!:)

More to tell you, but am a bit busy right now. Reminder to vote ( with your gift for SMILES) by Sat. That is final day for the horse contest. As of right now, I have had ONE vote and lots of Wonderful pages have come in. What a bust of a contest! I am amazed at the wonderful ideas people have done on their pages for the contest, and it is such a shame no one is voting. Dont' mean to sound like I am whining, but I really Am amazed. Tell your friends and family to come in and vote. Some postage stamps or some paper towels are the easiest things to bring for the voting...............each vote requires a donation to SMILES of some sort.

Hope you don't feel scolded. You are all so special to us..........just wanted you to remember about the darling horses in our back room. That's all for now.....off to finish projects! Hugs.......Linda

Friday, September 25, 2009

More to Say!

Wowza! Just checked the numbers and discovered we are three away from 2000 posts. So, post to get your name in the drawing....just say your name or something......and I will get a photo of what I will be giving away in a drawing on Mon. from the names! Hope you can figure out how to post..........I don't think you have to sign up for anything. If you have trouble, just e-mail me at the shop, but I will draw a name by 5 on Monday, so don't delay. And thanks! Whee!!!

Happy Birthday Mindy!

I don't think Mindy reads my blog, so she will miss this, but hope she has a wonderfu birthday, in spite of circumstances. I miss my girl a lot, especially on her special day! After all, I was there too! :)

So, on the 26th ( Sat.), in honor of her day, we are doing 37% off of the .......... ta dah........"Core'Dinations" paper line. Yep.......the whole line....as much as you want to buy! I might be nuts doing this, but wanted to put something on sale for you that I would likely not ever do........so Sat. is the day. It will be interesting to see how many actually read this and come in for the sale. There are a few other goodies on sale too, listed in the newsletter from a few days ago.

You are All special to me and I love having you come in for a hello and sometimes a hug. Have a blessed weekend. More early next week. Am putting together a blog candy prize for someone. Details next week..........Linda

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Saturday at Memories

Hello on this gorgeous day! I have been outside all day at Scarecrow Fest, selling Duck Race tickets, and it was a treat to be out with all the people having such fun. Thank you to those who brought in clothes for the scarecrow making event. Wish you could have seen the kiddos with their imaginative creations. Just adoreable! Now, if you think of it, begin collecting ratty old clothes that would do for a scarecrow, for next year. We need to start now, as we ended up having to buy things ! That's nuts! So start a bag and if they get in your way, drag them in here and I will store them for you till next Sept! Pantyhose are a big thing......we need lots, for the heads. Old shirts and pants too......holes are fine!!! thanks!

Heard from our son in law on deployment with AF and that was the highlight of our day! Praise the Lord...it is So good to hear from him!

Next week we are going to get Lots of newbies and have some fun classes happening too. In fact, Tues night we have two big classes and it is going to be a riot............the battle of the customers! It will be hopping! Come join in the fun.

Going to get a bit of work done and then head for home to spend a quiet evening with my dear hubby. I love those nights..a good dinner, restful evening, etc. Hope you all enjoy these final days of summer. Fall is coming, and that means soup and smokey smells outside and sweaters. Not sure I am ready, but don't have a chance, huh? Hugs to each of you.............

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Days Away

Hello! I am enjoying a bit of time with my sister and brother in law, and it has been quite varied. I only called the shop once, to see if there were any questions.......aren't you proud of me?

Ed had a consulting thing down in Lincoln, Il this afternoon, so we drove down and are staying with my sis, etc. in Peoria.......Nice chance to visit. Got to see three of my four great nieces, had a wonderful omlet breakfast at niece Kris' this morning......went to a super Marching Band exhibition in Metamora this evening and watched about 10-11 bands strut their stuff.......all such fun. Could not sleep last night, so was up reading, when a darling little black mouse ran really Fast, thru the family room. Tonight, he ran under the sofa where Barbie and I were sitting, so there was much screaming and now we are afraid to go to bed! Guess we will head out for mouse traps in the morning! Also going to Super Suppers to make some meals to put in Barbie's freezer, and a trip to Great Harvest Bread co......one of my favorite places to go down here.

It was an emotional trip to the town where Ed had to meet with the atty. We went on a hy. I had not been on in over 25 years.........right past the spot where my grandma lived in her apt. bldg. ( empty lot now) and past the spot where my dear uncle had his business for over 80 years ( he and his dad) and is now the spot where the headquarters for Caterpillar is. I cried. Surprised? :) It meant so much to me to see these places again.

So..........aside from the fact that great niece, Jaime, broke her foot in two spots at tennis practice tonight, it has been a great trip. Home tomorrow and hope to see you in the shop. Helping youu preserve those precious memories is so important to us and we are privileged to be a part of your lives. Thanks............love to you............Linda

Friday, September 11, 2009

Computer is Back!

Hi there! I am so glad to be back online........Wed. night the laptop went black and I found out I am addicted to doing a Lot on this thing. Good to have it back and running. I feel like I can keep going now, at least to look at new products and get orders processed, etc. Amazing, for someone who feels useless when it comes to technology....how important this machine has become in my life! Hmmm......

We are expecting Creative Imaginations fall and Christmas coming in next week, Queen and Co., more May Arts ribbon, and a few other newbies. There will be some fun halloween coming from Queen and Co. and CI also, I believe. It is such fun seeing what is in the boxes!

Am cancelling the Apple Crop on Monday. I will be leaving Sue and Beth in charge of the day and decided we would do that day another time. Can't get those wonderful cider donuts on a Monday ( from the Apple Barn) anyway, so who can crop without them?

Come vote for the wonderful horse layouts we are sporting in the cropping rooms. Bring something along for SMILES.....some copy paper or stamps or something simple, so you can vote. You will want to see what the ladies did.......pretty cool! And have a blessed weekend. Talk to you soon............Linda

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Horse Page Layout Contest

We are receiving layouts for the Horse Page contest. I promised you a listing of what people can bring to vote, so here it is. Each item brought in for S.M.I.L.E.S. is worth one vote, and people can bring as much as they want to and as often as they want to, through the 3rd of Oct. I don't know what date I listed before as the ending of the contest, but that looks like a good one. If I had made it later, let me know and I will adjust it! :)

Here we go:

Paper towels and cups 8 and 12 oz.
Paper plates
Styrofoam bowls and cups
Plastic Silverware
Cat Carrier
Postage Stamps
Avery 5160 Laser Labels
copy paper
27 inch wide laminator
Legal size copy paper
File folders
5 page letter folding machine
Poster boards
Construction paper
Earth tone color vinyl ( I am assuming that is like what we sell for Quickutz and Cricut)
Beads and Feathers
30 yards of white or cream Muslin fabric
# 10 envelopes
saddle soap, barn brooms, shavings, soft lead ropes

The list is much longer and has some very high end items on it. I have it posted here at the shop and am sure if someone wants to do a really wonderful donation, the group would love it. But realistically, for the purpose of voting, thought this list would be helpful.

Remember, get your pages in by about the 10th of Sept. and the voting begins then. We are going to post the pages on Labor Day in one of the cropping rooms, for all to see. We have some wonderful ones.......you will love looking at them. Hope you all have fun with this and are keeping this contest in mind as you visit the county fair going on thru Labor Day.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Product In!

WOW! It looks so neat to see the 240 new colors of cardstock in the shop in the Core'dinations section! You are bound to find the color you need with all these......come see! We have been inundated with product this week, and it is nearly out. More coming each week. Fun to play with.

Labor Day hours...........9 to 4 p.m. No Monday Make and Takes this next Mon., Labor Day, but we will resume them the next Monday. Lots of classes to take advantage of and remember, if you are first to sign up, you receive 15% off your purchases that day of your class. Everyone else gets 10% off.

I need Scarecrow makers for Scarecrow Fest, which is the 19th of Sept. Please consider making one to display downtown on the lightposts. I will bribe you with a $15 gift cert. to our shop. Take them to Remember When one block down the street from us, to the east. Thanks!

Heading to bed; it is late again. Have a blessed weekend! Linda