Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Days Away

Hello! I am enjoying a bit of time with my sister and brother in law, and it has been quite varied. I only called the shop once, to see if there were any questions.......aren't you proud of me?

Ed had a consulting thing down in Lincoln, Il this afternoon, so we drove down and are staying with my sis, etc. in Peoria.......Nice chance to visit. Got to see three of my four great nieces, had a wonderful omlet breakfast at niece Kris' this morning......went to a super Marching Band exhibition in Metamora this evening and watched about 10-11 bands strut their stuff.......all such fun. Could not sleep last night, so was up reading, when a darling little black mouse ran really Fast, thru the family room. Tonight, he ran under the sofa where Barbie and I were sitting, so there was much screaming and now we are afraid to go to bed! Guess we will head out for mouse traps in the morning! Also going to Super Suppers to make some meals to put in Barbie's freezer, and a trip to Great Harvest Bread of my favorite places to go down here.

It was an emotional trip to the town where Ed had to meet with the atty. We went on a hy. I had not been on in over 25 years.........right past the spot where my grandma lived in her apt. bldg. ( empty lot now) and past the spot where my dear uncle had his business for over 80 years ( he and his dad) and is now the spot where the headquarters for Caterpillar is. I cried. Surprised? :) It meant so much to me to see these places again.

So..........aside from the fact that great niece, Jaime, broke her foot in two spots at tennis practice tonight, it has been a great trip. Home tomorrow and hope to see you in the shop. Helping youu preserve those precious memories is so important to us and we are privileged to be a part of your lives. to you............Linda

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