Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Saturday at Memories

Hello on this gorgeous day! I have been outside all day at Scarecrow Fest, selling Duck Race tickets, and it was a treat to be out with all the people having such fun. Thank you to those who brought in clothes for the scarecrow making event. Wish you could have seen the kiddos with their imaginative creations. Just adoreable! Now, if you think of it, begin collecting ratty old clothes that would do for a scarecrow, for next year. We need to start now, as we ended up having to buy things ! That's nuts! So start a bag and if they get in your way, drag them in here and I will store them for you till next Sept! Pantyhose are a big thing......we need lots, for the heads. Old shirts and pants too......holes are fine!!! thanks!

Heard from our son in law on deployment with AF and that was the highlight of our day! Praise the is So good to hear from him!

Next week we are going to get Lots of newbies and have some fun classes happening too. In fact, Tues night we have two big classes and it is going to be a riot............the battle of the customers! It will be hopping! Come join in the fun.

Going to get a bit of work done and then head for home to spend a quiet evening with my dear hubby. I love those nights..a good dinner, restful evening, etc. Hope you all enjoy these final days of summer. Fall is coming, and that means soup and smokey smells outside and sweaters. Not sure I am ready, but don't have a chance, huh? Hugs to each of you.............

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