Saturday, September 5, 2009

Horse Page Layout Contest

We are receiving layouts for the Horse Page contest. I promised you a listing of what people can bring to vote, so here it is. Each item brought in for S.M.I.L.E.S. is worth one vote, and people can bring as much as they want to and as often as they want to, through the 3rd of Oct. I don't know what date I listed before as the ending of the contest, but that looks like a good one. If I had made it later, let me know and I will adjust it! :)

Here we go:

Paper towels and cups 8 and 12 oz.
Paper plates
Styrofoam bowls and cups
Plastic Silverware
Cat Carrier
Postage Stamps
Avery 5160 Laser Labels
copy paper
27 inch wide laminator
Legal size copy paper
File folders
5 page letter folding machine
Poster boards
Construction paper
Earth tone color vinyl ( I am assuming that is like what we sell for Quickutz and Cricut)
Beads and Feathers
30 yards of white or cream Muslin fabric
# 10 envelopes
saddle soap, barn brooms, shavings, soft lead ropes

The list is much longer and has some very high end items on it. I have it posted here at the shop and am sure if someone wants to do a really wonderful donation, the group would love it. But realistically, for the purpose of voting, thought this list would be helpful.

Remember, get your pages in by about the 10th of Sept. and the voting begins then. We are going to post the pages on Labor Day in one of the cropping rooms, for all to see. We have some wonderful will love looking at them. Hope you all have fun with this and are keeping this contest in mind as you visit the county fair going on thru Labor Day.

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