Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winner on blog

Drew a winner for the blog drawing.............Kris won this time...Sorry I never got the photo on the blog. It contains papers, ribbons, a storage box, bling, brads, etc., etc. I was putting a momagenda in the pile, which is a $40 value, but I happen to know Kris uses her phone to keep track of everything, so I will substitute for something else. It is over an $80 value, haven't had time to figure it out yet. Congratulations Kris! :)

We have had one busy day in the shop........scrappers here all day and has been fun! Debbie's bottle box class is running a close second to the beginning cricut class in popularity and have been signing people up all day. I think Angie, you need to take a photo of it and then Everyone will want to take the class, when you post it!:)

More to tell you, but am a bit busy right now. Reminder to vote ( with your gift for SMILES) by Sat. That is final day for the horse contest. As of right now, I have had ONE vote and lots of Wonderful pages have come in. What a bust of a contest! I am amazed at the wonderful ideas people have done on their pages for the contest, and it is such a shame no one is voting. Dont' mean to sound like I am whining, but I really Am amazed. Tell your friends and family to come in and vote. Some postage stamps or some paper towels are the easiest things to bring for the voting...............each vote requires a donation to SMILES of some sort.

Hope you don't feel scolded. You are all so special to us..........just wanted you to remember about the darling horses in our back room. That's all for now.....off to finish projects! Hugs.......Linda

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