Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Days in a Row?

Hello there! Can you believe I am back again? Am busy disrobing the Christmas tree today. Wishing to be working on scrapbooking things, but need to keep an order to my life. I work from 4 to 7 today, so need to get the ornament thing done before I go in to work, if I can get it done. Think I will do another video for you, to show you something new. Perhaps some fabric? We'll see.

Would love to hear from you and find out what craft you are working on just now. Also, is there a craft line you wish we had available in the Ben? Let us know. We can't always meet your needs, but we sure try! Give us a call or e-mail me and let me know if you are looking for something special. A former Memories customer just did that this week and it was fun to hear from her, and be able to fill her order for her! We'd love to help you too.

Going to head back to the tree project, so will say bye for today. Check back for a new video in the next day or so. We will keep working on getting the hang of this! Hugs........Linda

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