Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is not working right!

How's that for a negative lead in? I am frustrated beyond belief, as I am Trying to get this blog up and going again. Angie has re-done it temporarily, till we have time to do a whole new look ( bye bye birdies!) but I cannot get the video to post that Ed and I shot on Monday in the store! So sorry..............we are Trying! I have spent Hours trying to post it and it just won't.

It was a cute video. Angie says I might have to rely upon youtube, which I do not want to do, but might be the only way to get videos to post here. Got a wonderful flip camera from Ed for Christmas........with the idea that we can do a couple videos of new product in the store each week and show them to you.......perhaps some tutorials, etc. So, have patience, we will keep trying!

In the meantime, we Do have some fun, very fun, snowman and snowy type scrapbooking papers ( for card making too) in the store and they are stunning! Be sure to check them out!

The quilt square ( themed) of the month is underway in classtime, and we have a video of that too. Might try posting is shorter. Perhaps that is the problem. Sue Knudtson teaches that class and it is darling. This month they are doing a Valentine wall hanging rag quilt and it is so cute.......each lady chooses her own fabric and they would be so nice to hang on the wall, or I would put mine ( were I making one!! :) ) in the center of my old oak kitchen table. The class for Feb., which is the next one you can take, is going to be a Spring look. Be sure to come in within the next week and check out the sample.

Remember, you can go onto the website and check class schedules. is the site......bookmark that and make it easy on yourself.

I am hoping beyond hope to keep this going in a timely fashion so I don't lose everyone who had signed up to follow the blog! Have faith..........

Love to each of you.......Linda and Ed too........

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