Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sale Continues at Memories

Hello Friends! Many thanks to Angie Christenson for helping me get the word out on Sat. about the extent of the moving sale. My computer is under the weather and she was able to go onto my blog and facebook sites and post for me. We had a very busy day on Sat. It was quite amazing, really, and we are appreciative. Hope it continues........I truly do not want to be left with bunches of things to try to dispose of and do not want to burden Maggie with it in the new store.

Speaking of the new Ben Franklin Craft Store.....we are opening on Feb. 1st, so mark your calendars. It is really coming along; fixtures are going up and boxes and boxes of product have already arrived, along with an entire truckload ( or two) arriving on Monday! There will be busy bees in there, cutting open boxes, pricing, deciding where everything goes! We have ordered some wonderful product for the scrapbooking lines ( I am certain that applies to the entire store, but my dept is just the scrapbooking........enuf to handle!) and cannot wait to see it all. The reps have been calling with info about new lines to be released in the next couple of weeks and much of it is on order, with more to come. Do not be dismayed if you find some empty paper trays or blank spots on the walls when we open.............we are not able to receive it all till it is all ready to ship. We want to have the best of the best of the NEW product lines for you, so have to be at their mercy when it will be shipping............

Hope you can join us for the continuing sale. It is VERY exciting! It is helping us to pay some vendor bills and that is pretty important to Ed and myself. And what fun to be ordering the brand new, just for YOU, the best customers/friends anyone could ever ask for. We are so blessed by you all and I pray you will continue to visit us and be regulars in Maggie's store on the east side of Delavan. It will have so many things in it that will bring joy to your family members, as you learn new crafts and have the products available that you have had to spend money driving to Janesville and Milwaukee to get! This new store is Wonderful for Delavan and the surrounding towns....we are thrilled.

I will post my cell phone and home phone in future e-mails, so you may feel free to call me if you want to be sure I will be at the store to help you find new supplies, to help plan invitations, pages, create albums, etc. I will be teaching, as will the rest of the staff, and we are counting on you to join us in all the fun there!

Heading to bed now.........more soon. Come see us as you have time. Good night dear ones.......see you soon. Hugs to each.....Linda and Ed too............

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