Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helloooooooooo! It is nearing the end of the final two day crop inside the confines of the original Memories From the Heart. Oooo, that is hard to say. We have had such fun. We have gone from 6 to 12 people at various times, and that is hard to do, with the mess of the sale going on at the same time. But it seems to have made it even more fun and the ladies are cropping away fast and furiously. The little Hispanic girls from the neighborhood have been here a lot....last night and this afternoon and are still here, making pages and having the best time. They are so well behaved and cause no problems.....just love coming in and we love them. In fact, Ed had us both in tears last night as he told the little girls that sometime they might pass us on the street and as they are growing so quickly, we might not recognize them and asked them to please tell us who they are, if we are not sure. We were both teary eyed and I downright cried at the thought of not seeing them. They have been coming in since we moved into this store in April of 2007. They are precious.

It was a Busy day and Sue and I are thinking we might stay open late each night next week, if I have someone to help me out. I know some of you who work all day, are having to wait till Saturdays to come shop and take advantage of the amazing bargains at 40% and more, in here, so if it would help you out, we are going to stay open till 7:30 each night thru Fri. I know it is an odd time, but we thought 8 was too late for us and 7:30 might not rush you so much. So, hope this helps........we are trying to be here for YOU! :)

The new Cosmo Cricket is on order and should be in stock by the time we open on Feb 1st at the Ben. Have you looked at it yet? You can see it if you check out their blog on this blog. It is Darling and I can't wait to get it in my hands. The new Bo Bunny is out too, and adoreable......all the new lines are going to be delightful and I am excited to see them.

The new store is BUSY putting out the product. Pray for them...........there is an amazing amount to do to get open, just like there is an amazing amount to do here. So, guess we could both use prayers!

Ok, I am not getting the bills paid that I need to do while it is fairly quiet, so need to get at that. Hugs to each of you. Your encouragement is overwhelming and we continue to be so thankful for each one of you. Your kind comments have been lovely. It's kind of like getting to go to my own funeral, hearing all the nice things you say. I don't mean to be funny in saying is just the way it is. Bless you.

Night.....,have a great day in the Lord tomorrow. Linda and Ed ( we had brownies today! Whoopee!)

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