Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HUGE Markdowns at Memories

Hi there! Wanted you to know that Sue is busy marking down STUFF as fast as she can. It is still 40% off storewide, but we have literally a ton of stuff marked as much 80-90 % off! She is marking as fast as she can friends.........come see! And today, Ed and a dear friend of ours hauled so much stuff to our house, from the upstairs storage spot, it scares me. Did you know I was a florist by trade? I am going to manage the floral dept at the Ben, along with the scrapbooking, and am going to be designing floral arrangements to sell there, with the flowers in the store, as well as the thousands we hauled to our basement! It looks like a floral shop in my design studio in the house............but not sure we can walk thru the dozens of boxes to get to it! :) Oh my, what have I done? Oh well.......it will all sort out in the wash.

They are working so hard at the Ben, putting out product, etc. The shelving is up and the product is going up quickly....it is exciting! Will keep you posted, but wanted you to know that we have SHELVES and bulletin boards and an antique fake fireplace and racks and some small tables, and all sorts of things that we have brought out for sale...........and we HAVE to get rid of these! The plastic paper trays are going to the store, so don't worry about those. But there is a lot more storage things that we brought down today.........if you need bookshelves,..come a runnin'!

Must go home now.......ironing to do and other important things, so I can be back here for you tomorrow. Have a good evening. Hugs.......Linda

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