Monday, January 25, 2010

Emotions run high in Siert home

Hi there! I asked Ed tonight if he thinks we are doing the right thing by closing this precious little shop. Of course, he immediately said yes! We are following the plan God has laid out for us. My heart is breaking, which is Wrong..........I DO rejoice that God loves us so much that He has given us this opportunity to be relieved of the responsibility of owning a business. It is the perfect plan, and I am truly greatful. But I am going to Miss you all so very much and you just have to Promise to come see us at the Ben! People keep saying , "but it won't be the same". No, it won't, but our friendships will be the same and I will care about each of you just the same and be concerned....send you e-mails and phone can come crop with me at my house ( if I Ever get all the boxes out of looks like we just moved in!!) will still be fun and I can still encourage you................AND, you will have a Whole Lot of NEW craft products to learn about and enjoy!!! I see all sorts of things I would like to do in there.......might take a few classes myself, if I have time!

Keep on holding good thoughts for us........and make plans to spend time in the Ben. They do not have much time scheduled for scrappping as of yet, but if you want to come in to scrapbook, just make your wishes known to the managers. The entire staff is there for You and you will be pleasantly surprised at the reception you will be given when you come see us. It will be a wondrous thing for Delavan, and the surrounding areas, to have such a friendly, delightful craft shop to explore, and I do so want you to love it.

A reminder that we are still hosting the Delavan Lake Resort hotel crops and our next one is April 9-11th. Come help us celebrate Ed's and my 44 th anniversary that weekend and enjoy three days of delightful cropping and eating and make and takes and fellowship, etc..........We have room for about 10 more people and we look forward to the entire time. Already Jennifer and I have been planning things to make and do......come join in with us!

Well, it is once again late and I should try to rest. Hugs to you dear, dear friends. Remember, we have two more days that Memories is open and it is still all at least 40% off. Bring friends and family and make it less for me to pack up on Thurs. thru Sat.! See you soon we hope.............Wed. Ed has a surprise for you. Hugs...........

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