Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exciting personal news

Just had the most wonderful thing happen! I have been searching for my only girl cousin for over 15 years. Have lost track of her a Long time ago....she was married about two years after Ed and I were and has been living in England ever since. ( We are 10 mo. apart in age) Today, it occured to me she might have a facebook acct., so I tried her name in the search box, and there is her photo! Do you think there is a bit of joy in this house today??? I cannot tell you how thrilled I am and just had to share my good news. Now I have to wait for her to reply! It is after midnight in England. Of course, perhaps she won't be thrilled, but at least I know she is still alive and there.........Whee!
Sorry.......just had to tell you all were it! :) So, will try to calm down and go fix dinner.
By the way, I am so proud of my daughter, Julie ( Julia to most of you)......she is the director of the charitable foundation at Geneva National, and she and a whole lot of other people, hosted a wonderful event there today, which is the forerunner to their Big fundraiser tomorrow, the LEO, which raises a lot of funds for the Lakeland School, Inspiration Ministries, VIP Industries, and SMILES. It was a wonderful afternoon and we were so pleased to be there. A beautiful day, inspiring speeches from Gen. Ann Dunwoodie ( the first female four star general ), and David Ring, who is a man born 55 years ago with CP and sometime, ask me about his life, and a great ice cream was just a lovely day and Julie is doing a super job at her new job!
OK.......'nuff family stuff for you. Have a blessed week ahead and hope we see you in the shop. Linda

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