Saturday, June 27, 2009

Samples of the Bottle Box

Oh my goodness, Debbie just brought in the samples of the Bottle Box for the classes she is teaching soon. I will have a photo of them soon, but for now,, wanted to remind you of the times she is teaching this darling class. They will be great for opening up and filling with kitchen things, baby gifts, bath items ( lotions, etc), a bottle of wine, you come up with your own ideas!
The classes will be taught from ten to twelve on July 10th and Aug. 1st, and at 6:30 on Aug. 25th. She is going to do one in fall papers and one for Christmas, but those won't be till the Fall schedule. Call to sign up.....they are darling. Fee is $18 and is all inclusive.......just bring your basic tool kit.
This rummage sale is a riot. It ends today at five, and then Monday I will be packing it all up. We have gone from 7 tables of stamps down to 3! Still lots of stuff left, however, so come on in!
We have a Cricut left, .........oh my goodness......I cannot start listing it all. Just come see and have fun!
An amazing amount of product is arriving on Wed. and some on Mon. Check that out too! :)

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