Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TV Ad today

Hi there! It is another gorgeous day, with a few clouds thrown in. I have a busy day today, which is always fun. Phone calls, computer work, etc this morning, a dear friend coming for a long chat and lunch, four hours working at the Ben, home to make a pot of corn chowder for Bible Study dinner tonight ( a soup and salad potluck; doesn't that sound like fun?) and then home to price things for a small garage sale I am throwing together for tomorrow and Fri.
Whew! But in the meantime.........have things to tell you............

We have gotten in some absolutely Stunning Fall papers! They are a Must See, trust me! The company is The Paper Company, and we have other great things for fall, but this line is just delightful, and I am sure it will come in handy for bulletin boards, cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc. Apples, pumpkins, shimmers, foil, and more ideas on the double sided papers that I am excited for you to see.

There is a wonderful new School line in also.....primary colors with computers, apples, school bus, school bldg, pencils, crayons, kidlike papers, etc. It is a very cute line and I like the bright colors. This is one that will go all year and you need to remember to check the back side of all our papers. Many of them have some backsides that are applicable for just about any theme, regardless of what is on the front!

Creating a recipe book for a Christmas gift, or a shower gift, etc? There is a new line of papers for that too and they are so good! Makes me want to do one of those books right away! The colors are varied and easy to use, and there are so many themes. We actually have about 35-36 cooking papers and some nice embellishments too......the most we have ever had in the memories section. Come see!

Today is TV day at the Ben. Be sure to watch your charter networks for our ad, which will be shot in the store today sometime. It will take a week or two to get it out on the air, but I know it will be well done, as we were Always happy with our Charter ads. Be sure to tell us when you see it.........we need to know it is working! :)

Got word yesterday that Maggie and Grace did a large order of Pioneer albums, which have Greatly improved in quality. It will be fun to bring in yet another line of good books for your projects and we will offer the page protectors for them also, of course. Speaking of page protectors, we are Well stocked for the time being. Some have been on back order for weeks, but they have all come in now, so if you have been waiting for some, stop in soon. I made sure we had some of those great boxes of the universal protectore from C-Line in boxes of 50. Great buy...........come get them!

Will say bye for now. Need to get a few small things done before my guest arrives. Hugs to each of you.

Oh, by the way, Congratulations to our dear Angie who does our photography for the store, and the videos. She became engaged a few days ago and we are all Very excited for her and for Al.! Congratulations Angela!!!!!! Ya Hoo!!!

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