Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tues. at the Ben

Hello...........Had a busy day at the store and it was so fun watching Debbie put out Lots of new fabric in her dept. Come see.......you will be inspired to begin a project, I assure you!
Rowena has agreed to teach a class for us, so be watching the schedule for the end of Oct and early Nov. Hurray!!!
You listened when I said you needed to come see the new fall papers..........it is remarkable the no. of papers and embellishments that went out the door today and made it so fun. Thanks for coming in and hope to see more of you soon.
Ed and I are going canoeing in the morning, if the weather holds. 'Twill be my first time this year here at home ( got in some great canoeing "up north") and we look forward to it. I have my own yellow canoe with gorgeous wicker trim and seat and love sitting in it out on the water. Hope the otter finds us and swims along beside us.....that is such fun!
Will see you soon in the store. There is so much new product coming in, we are having a ball getting it out for you and we thank you for coming............come again and bring friends. Hugs to all.........Linda

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