Friday, July 9, 2010

We have Fabric! Ya Hoo!!

The fabric lines at the Ben are gorgeous. Saw some cards a lady was making last week, using the photos of the above fabric, and they were darling! Ever think about that? Fabric is useful for So many things......not Just quilt making! Tho that is pretty special too! Enjoy the following photos..and come in and see...............more arrive nearly weekly!

This is considered a Christmas line, but we all think it is useful for all Sorts of wonderful things. Love it, love have to come in and Touch!

I might get myself in trouble over this one........sometimes I do not know the correct names , etc. But I Think these are Batiks and all I know is that they are Very pretty and all the rage................

Or are these Batiks? You come look and decide for yourself! I did not follow Angie around while she was photographing, so am guessing, without knowing which shelf these were on. Regardless, they are Wonderful, bright colors and will make some gorgeous quilts, skirts, purses, etc! Enjoy!

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