Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding and Travel..........

Remember last time when I showed you photos of some Best Creations papers? They were in blues and were beachy. Here is another collection ( some of them) from the Wedding group. Sparkly, crisp designs that would also be appropriate for anniversaries, formal parties, graduation, etc. Only the top paper shows something that would have to be wedding. The remainder will be appropriate for all the above listed things.......they are charming and of course, are double sided. You know, I am at home doing this, and now that I think of it, they might just be one sided. Please ignore me if I mispoke. Nevertheless, they are wonderful papers and you will truly enjoy using them. One of the nice features about this essentially black and white line, is that they can be used with any color scheme you might need for your photos. The top page shown, is the left side of a two page layout. The one on the right will have swirls that match up with the ones showing the bride and groom, but do not have figures on it, so once again, can be used for anything. Come see! :)
This is a very fun line ( part of it) from Little Yellow Bicycle, I think. Once again, this is Tues. and I have not been in the shop since Fri. So, regardless of who created these great designs,, they will be oh, so useful, for your travel photos. The bottom one is a map of the United States and is one of those great pages on which you can trace a trip, show where someone special lives, or just to have fun with in your own way. The middle one is suitcases and I can just see this one being used by cardmakers, doing "have a great trip" type cards............very fun. Of course, the airplanes would be great for little boys, trips, etc. We did not order the entire line or any of the embellishments, but there is more available and be sure to let us know if you need more!
What more needs to be said?? Chicago says it all! A very fun page on which to put your favorite Chicago photos. It would be a good one to use for the initial page in a Chicago album. The background, behind the light/street sign, is an overall photo of some of the city itself. We all need this one!
Hope you had a great weekend. We did! We left early Sat. morning and drove down to Peoria, arriving by 10:30, so we had the entire day.........and stayed till 7 last night ( Monday). It was a great visit and wonderful to have three days with family. My sister, Barb, and niece Kris, both live there with their families, but the subject of this excursion, was BENJAMIN, the little guy I have been gushing about for two months! Benjamin arrived three weeks ago tomorrow night, from Russia, to live with Kris and Gregg and their four daughters. What a Sweetie! Great Aunt Linda was quite taken with him and he seemed to think I was ok too. He is 22 months old and just a dolly. We will post a photo of him along the way. He is such a happy boy, and I am SO thankful they made the decision to rescue a child from an orphanage and bring him into their home.. What a wonderful time we had. Benjamin did not even know he was the center of attention the entire time, which made it even more fun!
Ok, off to finish up some long needed work. Have a blessed week. More photos arriving for them. Might even post some more now before I quit. See you in the store soon we hope. If you are reading this on Tues., remember it is free scrapbooking day in the Ben! Come on in! Linda

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