Monday, June 14, 2010

New Stuff

Hello! Ooo, pretty color. Don't think I have used this one before. I was just reading my niece's blog and discoverd I can scoot right from hers to this one, so thought I would say hello and ask your forgiveness for not blogging much. My life has been so different lately......hard to even think of what to chat with you about.

So, am going to make a concerted effort to share new things with you all, a few "Did You Know?'s thrown in along the way, some photos, etc. If you read the e-mail tonight, you know that we put out a Gob of new Sizzix dies. Come see 'em.......they are great!

Had an unexpected blessing of those "this is the reason I am here" type of things. An old friend, and I do mean old, as Dave is probably in his eighties. In fact, I know he is. Anyway, Dave came in with the express idea of sharing a photo album with me. It was kind of funny. He said to me, " I thought I would show you what a photo album is supposed to look like". Well, let me tell was a gem! Dave used to be a professional photographer and in fact, I believe he did my senior class photos! Anyway, he had one photo......very large, on each page. No writing of any kind. Just photos.............huge ones. And they were gorgeous. Some from travels all over America, some of his beloved wife, who has been gone for years. Some of his darling daughter who died after a long fought battle with lung cancer, a girl whose lips never touched a cigarette and was the sweetest thing...........never should have happened. Photos of old family gatherings..............memories, sweet memories. And after we looked at them together and I had him tell me about each one, he got up and shuffled off, alone...........out the door, with the promise that there were more.

Be that encouragement to whomever you can, won't you? Someone, somewhere, needs you to listen to them, to look at their photos, to compliment them on Something.........give them a hug, let them know you are still glad to see them. Oh my, it made my day that he came in, knowing I would care. Thank you Lord, for that bit of friendship today, when I needed it so much. Thanks for letting me be his friend today...........

Love you all...............Linda

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