Monday, August 30, 2010

Sneezing my way thru the day!

Hi! It is a sneezy day today. Sure am tired of hayfever! I am 66 and was diagnosed with this at age 2, so have had this nearly 65 years and I can't wait for the first hard freeze! Isn't that awful? I love the fall flowers and the gorgeous countryside, but get tired of people looking at me like I have a horrid cold and am going to give them something! If you see me at the Fair, I will be the one walking around with a handkerchief over my nose! :)

We had a Marvelous time last week up at Teal Lake in NW Wisconsin. In fact, was just thinking about what we were doing about this time a week ago today........canoeing out on the lake, going from island to island, watching loons ( one followed our canoe!) and eagles and osprey, etc. It was a blessing from the Lord, to be sure, and a week filled with memories to get us through the coming winter. Maybe we'll do a scrapbook!

There are so many great events coming at the Ben. Be sure to check out the website and get signed up for Grace's newsletter at She does a great job keeping us posted on what is going on in the store and believe me, there is a Lot to know about. One fun thing happening soon is the one million pillowcase program, where we will be sewing pillowcases for those who could sure use one, or need the comfort their own pillowcase can bring. Read all about it on the will be a wonderful program and we hope to fill our work tables with ladies cutting and sewing and ironing pillowcases. Check it out!

Am going to go in to the shop shortly, so will call this quits for now. Have just done a big Mrs. Grossman order and that will be fun. I am pleased at how the strips of stickers are selling.......they are becoming more and more popular. Hope you like what I chose! Am getting some new ones for Fall and Christmas, which is Always fun!. More soon...........blessings...........Linda

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