Monday, March 8, 2010

Behind Again!

Here we go again! I am sorry.........this is nuts that I keep forgetting to blog. Between the e-mails and posts on facebook and trying to put things away at home from the former shop, I just am not keeping up well. Sorry.....I do thank you for your patience!

We have been having fun catching up at the new store and it is starting to settle in a bit. Sometimes I see some of you in the shop as I go tearing down an aisle, on my way to somewhere......and if I don't get to stop and visit as I normally would, please forgive me. Not trying to ignore you......just am trying to "get it all done". That is no excuse, so will try to do better, I promise. Right now I am in the midst of trying to put together the hotel crop which is in a month ( HELP!) and am feeling rather alone. In the former Memories shop, I always had gals with me to help with ideas, etc. Now it is just me and that is scary! Jen is home from a winter trip, so she is coming in tomorrow and hope we can get our ideas put together........that will help a lot! Between pricing items and putting them out ( Now there is a challange, as I don't do that well! :) ) and working on the crop and working at the cash register.........whew! Who said I was retiring? :)

It has been a fun time and it is so fun seeing what each dept is getting in. I am wanting to take a knitting class, Definitely want to make one of Eva's shopping bags, want to sign up for doing some of the wool projects....would love to do some beading, etc. This is one great store! And what nice people we have to work with. Hope you are getting to know the staff......Maggie has picked some very nice people to help you with your crafts and we all get along so is great!

Today I was in for an hour or so, just to take some floral pieces in, and found we got some of our new custom papers. Hurray! There is a great one that names the resorts in the area, which will be very fun for the tourists! We are now re-stocked with Delavan papers, have some good ones for dog and cat ( words), sports, Disney, Chicago, etc. It is a good line and has done well for us in the past........this time we ordered more! We also received a lovely assortment from the Paper Loft, along with their wonderful embellishments. There is some heritage paper, some great camping or outdoor things in beautiful colors and the tags that go with are fishing, camping, hiking, boating, etc. Gotta see.........

We also received a huge shipment of May Arts today.......that is our wonderful ribbon line. Some repeats but mostly the new designs they just came out with and there is something for Everyone! We even have some fun ribbon that looks like animal prints in the narrow sizes, and they will be great for your zoo pages and cards...........or for home decor. And we have two more huge orders on their way! place to put them! We might have to start hanging things from skyhooks! :)

Grace has done a section of things on sale, to honor Nat. Crafting Month and we have a bunch of postbound albums on sale, 25 % off, along with stacks of packaged papers ( cardstock) in many colors. The prices are is truly time to stock up or think about projects coming along. If the kids need colored is the time to get them.

By the way....thinking of kids......we have a great assortment now, of Poster Board. This is one thing people have called me for, for over 12 years! i am So Thankful that I can now tell customers that YES, we Do have posterboard, and in colors as well as white, and a variety of sizes. Hurray!!!

I am babbling ......need to go work on a Bo Bunny order so it is ready to go in the morning. Hope you are all doing well. Remember, you are still very special to us. Just because our address changed, does not mean we don't stop in and say Hi.......come crop ( tomorrow all day), take a class.................get to know the new shop! Hugs to each of you..............dear, dear friends. Talk to you soon, I hope. Night...............Linda, and Ed too

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