Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Overwhelmed!

Oh my goodness............we got enough huge boxes of floral for the new store today, that I could fit at least 30-40 people in them! Is that descriptive enough? It is amazing that they would deliver That much to us when I am SO busy trying to get things ready for the Hotel Crop ( in less than a month!!!) How dare they? However, the flowers are Lovely and I am excited to have so many pretty ones to work will be great fun! I have been frustrated at lack of variety to create some arrangements........and now have no excuse! Come see! If you need something really pretty to put in a vase or brighten up a room.......we've got the flowers for you!

Did you know we carry Train things? That is not a very good description of them........."things." But Maggie is the train expert in the store and she can describe them much better than I can. It is really fun watching people discover we carry items for setting up trains and the landscapes. Come check that part of the shop it!

The new papers in are causing a stir..........some are on the verge of having to re-order and we just got them in. The new Flower Soft arrived this morning ( third order since we opened!!!) and the display has doubled in size. Many new kits, just plain fun. If you have been considering trying some, now is the time while we have a great selection of colors, etc. Not sure what I am talking about....come see and I will be happy to show you!

Need to head for bed..........have to be in early and ready to open those HUGE boxes need my beauty rest. Hope you all are staying safe with this goofy fog! Sue and Debbie and Eva ( a gal at the store) and I spent a couple of hours at Culver's tonight, just sitting and talking and it was such fun. Deb and Sue and I were on our way to Bible Study in Lake Geneva, but the fog was so horrid that we had to turn around and come was just plain not safe out there. So, we stopped at Culver's and ended up closing the place. Consequently, I am late doing this and need to head to beddy bye. Think that is where I was when I began this paragraph and got distracted. Hugs........more soon, when I dig out of the flowers! Linda and Ed too...........

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