Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Not Lost!

But it must seem like it! I am so sorry to keep forgetting to blog! There are so many things going on in our lives right now....I should be blogging them, but all I can say is, sorry, and I can try to do better!
In fact, Angie C. is coming to the store tomorrow to do a VIDEO! Yep! We are going to do something fun.......and she is going to tape it and also photograph bits and pieces. And You will be the first to see/know what we have up our sleeves! I am going to be rather mysterious for a bit, as everything I need for what I am hinting at, is not ready! So, check back every couple of days and we will see what we will see. Can't wait to do a video again.....those were fun.
There are transformations in our living and dining rooms! It is a bit of a mess, due to the boxes of things we are hauling out to take to the hotel, but the things from the shop ( the former Memories) are slowly being stashed away and it is feeling somewhat better. There are now parts of the house that I can walk thru without feeling like a huge storm went passing thru. There has not even been room to "clean" anything..........can you imagine the dust in here? But now that boxes are hiding, I can get in with a dust cloth and vaccuum and make some headway..........can't wait! I am not a clean freak, but I DO like a tidy house and one that you aren't tempted to write on every table or lamp in the house!
Some great new product are rolling in at the shop . Ed comes in often and breaks down the boxes for us, so he can testify to the fact that we have gotten in some marvelous new lines and I have just about filled up all the plastic paper trays that I had in the former shop. Display is a challenge, but Beth has been kind enough to come in a few times and give me a help, and I seem to be getting better at it. When the hotel crop is over, we ought to be able to get it all in order.
Before I close, want to let you know that we are carrying a Marvelous line of toys in the Ben. Are you familiar with Melissa and Doug? I carried their stickers about 15 years ago in the gift shop, but now they have developed a wonderful toy line that our Mindy has thoroughly enjoyed for her kids. It is SO FUN to see what goes out on the shelves and what people bring up to the cash wrap to check out. Makes me want to buy one of each! If you need a cute toy or craft idea for grandkids or birthday sure to stop in a check them out. They start at Low prices and are a great value for what you get.
Ok........much to do tonight before tomorrow begins! If you prayed for little Meaghan, whom I mentioned this afternoon in the will be pleased to know that she is somewhat "stable" right now, and "stable" is GOOD! Keep up the prayers!!!!!!!!! And thank you.
Have a Wonderful week, dear friends. Angie will get something up on here in the next two days or so, and we might do several things. Don't know yet. Our surprise is still in the works, but we will let you know asap. Hugs to each of you and may you be a blessing for someone this week, as you are to us! Linda and Ed

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