Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi there! Wanted to let you know that we now have some striking new School papers and stickers..............Badger, Delavan-Darien, Elkhorn, Big Foot all arrived today and they look Great! New designs, new shades, very smart. Come get 'em for those school albums you are working on for graduation. We also have some Whitewater, Williams Bay and Burlington, but are low on supply for those.......just don't have quite as many designs as the other schools.

Also received our full supply of Alaska things again, and a bunch of stickers from various sites around the country. Very fun and useful. The travel section is beginning to fill up again. Next on my list for that catagory will be the tropical things..........give me a few weeks!

Isn't the sunshine wonderful? It hit 70 in Delavan today and that was great for Ed's bike ride! Our kids fly home from Fla tomorrow and I wish it were going to stay warm for them. They will be freezing this weekend, I am sure!

Come see us and we will show you what is new. Sue is busy working on new classes for April and they look wonderful. The ones I sent out in the e-mail the other day, are beginning to fill up.
Call as soon as you can to get your choice of classes.......you will enjoy them. And your teachers will be happy to have full classes!

See you soon......hugs.........Linda

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