Saturday, December 26, 2009

Moving Sale Begins!

Greetings! It has been a snowy day out there and at times, it looked like a fairy land! Hope you all have been safe and warm and enjoying some more "off time" with friends and family. We had a lovely Christmas day and enjoyed having Andrew's sister spend the evening with us for dinner and good conversation, a hilarious movie and treats.......just a fun time together. Got to see our Texas family on skype and that was great. Now it is back to reality and work.

We have been hauling out things for the sale and I add more ever hour or two. On Monday, Ed is heading upstairs here at the shop and will be dragging down things that Someone might want. There are a lot of odd assortments up will be fun to see what we can get rid of...what we can donate.......what we can use.

Some are inquiring about fixtures in the shop. Maggie will be using some in her new store, will be using some of the paper trays, if not all, and will be using some at the hotel crops. And, we will likely be putting some on sale for your use in your own scrapping rooms. Will let you know via e-mail when that happens. In the meantime, I will be taking names and phone nos. for people who want to put their names on a list for those items. The white tables are not for sale, but nearly all the brown ones are, so am taking names for those too. We need to keep using them till the end, for selling items as well as for the classes and crops coming up.

Hope you have a restful day tomorrow. We will be here bright and early Monday morning, to keep going with this moving sale. Hope some of you can come in and take part in it. See you then..............Linda and Ed

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