Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lots of Activity in Memories

Hello there! It was a busy day in the shop today.....people coming in to "say goodby", which is sweet, but we are still going to be here! I am just moving a short distance across town, so hope to see ALL of you. If not, this whole move this is for naught! Do plan on coming into the new store on Wright Street and see the myriads of things Maggie has been ordering for the new Ben Franklin, independently owned Craft store! You will love it! Our croppers are staking out their space to crop......Maggie got a taste of that when she wandered in this afternoon. There were croppers cropping, croppers arriving ( should have seen her face as they dragged in their totes Full of product......she said "what are they doing?"..........) ......there were shoppers shopping and friends hugging and chatting, etc. It was the perfect time for her to arrive and see what we are all about, and before I knew what was happening, she was hugging people too! It was a delight! It WILL be alright and we are going to have a good time in a new location! I just need lots of you coming in to keep stocking up on "stuff" that we are dragging out of the woodwork!

Heading to bed now. Thought I would try to get there before midnight one time this week. Hugs to each of you. Prayers for many, for whom this time of year is Not a happy time. You are in my thoughts and prayers and you mean so much to me. Love..........Linda

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