Monday, December 7, 2009

Important Prayer Request

Hello there.............ready for the snow? I'm not, but can't do much about it. There IS something I can do tho, and that is ask any of you to pray who are prayer warriors. Little Meaghan Rath is going through the stages of preparation for the Bone Marrow Transplant which will happen on Dec. 11th. This is a serious treatment to try to get rid of her leukemia, and we pray it will take and this dear child will be well again. Please remember to pray for her, and for the whole family. They have gone through so much. An East Troy resident, I met her mom thru the shop, and little Meaghan has become dear to many of us, even tho we have not met her. Thanks for your prayers.

I am going to be in the shop most of the time the next two days, unless the snow gets so bad that I would be better off at home. We will call tomorrow and tell you when we are cancelling classes, for those who are signed up. Sorry! We'll try to reschedule asap. Hugs........and stay warm and safe! Linda

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