Friday, July 31, 2009

Check out this blog! The people at AdornIt are doing a blog hop party this week and there will be inspirations, motivation and bloggy rejuvenation, according to Georganna. It will be a fun thing to check out and wanted you to have the link to click on. Check it out! :)

Our winner from the 1000 + hits on our blog, was Denise Smith, and she was thrilled to have her box of goodies was quite a pile! Congratulations Denise! We will think up some more give aways as the days go on. In the meantime, as I am up to my earlobes, catching up on being out of the shop for most of the time Mindy was here, I wanted to say thank you for all your patience and for your support! We are planning great things in the days and week ahead and will tell you about them shortly! Ed just came in and told me he needs to borrow this computer for a bit, so I will get back to you when he returns it..............till then.......have a blessed day. Linda

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