Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Special Weekend!

Hello! I just returned from Peoria, where we spent part of Sat and all day today, celebrating brother in law Mike's surprise 80th birthday party. It was so special and he was SO surprised! So, I had to miss part of the fun Prima day, but I see Angela was good enough to take photos for us and even set up a flicker acct. I will have to have her come help me figure out that new thing, but I will learn that too! Thanks, Angie!

Now, we are awaiting an exciting time with daughter, Mindy and little Norah and Ian, who will spend some time in Delavan in the near future. What a treat!

Monday is Mommie and Me crop the shop to find out what else is scheduled, or check out the website calendar. Have a blessed week......Linda

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  1. Just love the blog site and totally look forward to receiving e-mails from Linda. Linda may think they are long, but they are a pleasure to read. Keep up the excellent communication. I don't have another scrapbooking store that does anything like that. Michelle Machalik