Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Kit from Memories at Ben Franklin Crafts

Hello! By now I hope you have seen the video about our new kit and it will be the first of many, we hope. We have tried to do this way too quickly but will find our way........Scarlett and I have spent much time on the phone and e-mails......working this all out and she is Such a great will love each kit. We plan to add "add ons" as we go, and some months we might do more than one. There is much to plan yet and I am determined to slow down a bit as we go thru the next one so we are not in panic mode! In the meantime, as soon as we get our sheets of sample photos ready, they will be ready to sell. We are taking orders at the Ben and this is the only place you will be able to get this exact enjoy! You can e-mail our Memories e-mail or can call the store at 262-728-3515 to order one and pre-pay.

The price is $34.95 for the initial kit. They will be a variety of prices, as Scarlett uses various materials along the way. Some will be less, some more. But this is the price for the initial one. Hope you enjoy them and please understand that we are Nearly ready to go, but I promised you the announcement this is it.

I look forward to seeing each of you............Ed and I wish you a blessed Easter..........and see you next week................Lovingly, Linda

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