Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gorgeous Spring

Have you noticed Spring? Who cannot? It is my Favorite time of, love, love the color Spring Green ( there must be 200 of those colors) and the popping open of the teeny little leaves. Each one seems just created for me! This morning when Ed and I were getting ready to face the day, it was like an aviary outside our bedroom window......birds of all shapes and colors and sizes flitting around, looking for the feeder Ed took down, probably, and flying from tree to tree ( those that are left, anyway). Did I tell you about my de-forested yard? Not a happy camper there!

Anyway, it is gorgeous, and while I am at the Ben today, I will have to keep peeking outside the door to get whiffs of fresh air and listen to the birdies. Enjoy this gorgeous day, dear ones, and find someone to bless! One great thing you can do is pray specifically for Meaghan, for her lungs to heal. That is a Huge concern this morning..................thanks bunches. Her life is literally on the line now.............

Love to you all...........Linda and Ed too...........

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