Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Hello Friends! It is one GORGEOUS day, is it not? Hope you are doing something fun and worthwhile! We are having a semi-quiet day in the shop, which is not All bad, as I am getting some much needed ordering done. Our big hotel crop is next weekend and there is still Much preparation to do, so am taking advantage of quiet moments. Love it when we get busy tho! Don't stay away cause I am busy! :)

There is a lot of fun new product in this past week. I am going to post the new Graphic papers for you asap. Domestic Goddess and the Christmas lines are in and selling like hotcakes. They are just too cute. Winter Song from SEI, is in, and is lucious, in its soft blues and whites with that special touch of a red cardinal. Very beautiful line for all Christmas projects. We are literally spreading some of the product out on tables, as I have run out of trays and racks. Do ya think I ordered too much?

Beth will soon be teaching new the e-mail or website for the dates. It is a darling basket made from paper and we are looking forward to just as many people enjoying that as they have the bottle box class. Will get a photo on here, of that, soon, too.

Gotta go. Take care and do something lovely for someone today! Hugs, Linda

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