Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Busy Weekend

It's Granddaughter, Norah's birthday today. Seven years old! She was born on Thanksgiving Day back in 2002, in Dayton, OH, and today brings back So many memories. Her other grandma and I , along with Aunt Julie, made a flying car trip out, and were in the hosp when she was born, which was such a thrill. The grandpas drove out together on Thanksgiving Dayand you can imagine the fun we all had. Not sure Mindy and Andrew were too thrilled to have that much family around as they learned to be new parents, but it sure was special for us! :)

Hope YOU have had a blessed weekend! Isn't it fun to have such nice weather for a holiday time? We are Loving the sunshine in the shop, as it makes it cheerful, and I don't have to have the heat on! Hurray! It got so warm yesterday in here, that the ladies scrapbooking about passed out!

We are busy thinking up new classes for you for the winter season beginning in mid January. We plan on repeating some, of course, that are "must dos", but if you have something you would like for us to do for you, please let us know asap. The schedule needs to be in place in the next two weeks, so send those cards and letters on in!

Must get to some other work. Still time to come in and shop the sale......or just say hi and have a cookie! Hugs...........Linda at Memories

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