Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorry..........Got Busy!

Ohmygoodness, I forgot to post! It has been such a busy week...I did not forget about you, just forgot I need to do this on a regular basis!

Lots of new goodies coming in daily. Eye candy, I think the pros call it. The Petaloo flowers and glitter papers arrived yesterday. You will LOVE punching those, or tearing them, etc. The colors are stunning. Flowers are pretty cute too.

We have been working like crazy to get the new classes and crops planned for the next newsletter and think it will be ready next week. I have lists at the shop and can tell you about most of them, and some are already signing up for both classes and crops.....just call for info. Tomorrow ( which begins in 20 minutes :) ) Ed and I are taking a day off to spend with dear friends.......isn't that fun? So I will be back on duty Fri and try to "finish up" the news. In the meantime, check out the freeee page protectors with purchase of an album this week and see the new product. I think lots will come tomorrow while I am gone, to torment poor Sue!

Hugs to each of you.........heading for sweet dreams. See ya Fri.!

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