Friday, October 23, 2009

Gobs and Gobs of New Product!

Oh my goodness......did I get dumped on today! Thanks to the Angies, we got a lot of it priced and put out, but you will have to come see for yourself. We had just about sold out of the fall and halloween Queen and co. embellishments and in came the Christmas ones today. I am not sure I even had summer in my life, and here I am putting out darling Christmas things! Moxie arrived too...did not even have time to price that, but it will go out tomorrow, I promise. Great fall papers and some tea party things, along with some surprises for our hotel crop. Cannot put those out yet! Come is all fun.

Got in the Smoochies too.........they had been on back order and they came just in time for all your fun card making that is going on. Not sure what a Smoochie is? Looks like nail polish, but the brush is more fine and more firm. Come try one will be hooked!

New card making books will make your job EASY and delightful. The ideas are so special, it makes me want to quit my day job and go into the card making mode. Not a chance....I have too much fun taking care of our special guests to get caught up in that, but it is certainly tempting!
The classes going on in the shop are inspiring and a hoot. Sometimes we have three to four going on at one time and I am never sure who is there for what! Tomorrow we have a private party crop of ten along with two will be a fun day.

Heading to bed. Have to keep up my beauty sleep and trying to stay healthy. Hugs to each of you...........Linda

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